China News Service, July 7th, according to the Russian Satellite Network, Russian Foreign Ministry Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said on the 6th that all parties should conduct a dialogue on the "Open Sky Treaty" in a fair and mutually respectful manner.

  After the United States announced its decision to withdraw from the Open Sky Treaty, the parties to the treaty held an online meeting on July 6. Ryabkov said after the meeting that Russia and the United States failed to draw closer to the treaty. He said: "I don't think today's event increases the possibility of the United States reconsidering the withdrawal statement."

  Ryabkov also said: "We will not abandon the dialogue, but it should be conducted in an equal and mutual respect manner, rather than impose views."

  Ryabkov said that after the United States withdrew from the "Open Sky Treaty", Russia is considering all action plans, depending on the position of other countries.

  The Open Sky Treaty was signed in 1992 and entered into force in 2002. According to the treaty, a Contracting State may conduct unarmed reconnaissance on the entire territory of other Contracting States to verify the other party’s implementation of international arms control treaties. There are currently 34 parties to the treaty, including the United States, Russia, and most North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states.

  On May 21, the US stated that it would withdraw from the "Open Sky Treaty" in six months. The ten European countries issued a joint statement saying they regret the US withdrawal from the treaty.