Controversy is pouring out over the US Trump administration's announcement that it will withdraw foreign students from universities that only offer online classes. In fact, universities that have been forced to face-to-face classes have been asking for alternatives since April, and now they claim to have left the ball to college.

Correspondent Correspondent Sohn Seok-min of Washington.


Up until the 15th, confusion in the university has been heightened by the federal government's advice to choose between face-to-face classes, online classes, and mixed classes.

According to the Higher Education Chronicle, a specialized education medium, as a result of grasping the types of fall semester classes against 1,90 colleges, 9% of universities including Harvard University are planning online classes.

The Department of Homeland Security advises that if you only conduct online classes, your visa to foreign students at the university will be canceled and the new visa will be suspended.

The University of the United States has been asking governments for guidelines since April, but it is now only criticizing that it is forcing universities to make choices.

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The Washington Post allows online classes when the corona spreading spring, universities are closed one after the statement immediately They said it was a federal agency, and they tweaked the government's entertainment measures.

In a tweet, President Trump, who insisted that the Democratic Party was not trying to open the fall semester for political reasons, provoked confusion that today (8th) the school should open school in the fall.