Thousands of protesters in the Serbian capital Belgrade stormed the parliament building in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The protesters are angry because the city has announced a new lockdown for next weekend after an increase in coronavirus infections.

Around 10 p.m., a small group of protesters broke through a police ribbon. Then they entered the parliament building. Shortly afterwards they were removed by the police. Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the building.

Opponents of the lockdown say the increase in COVID-19 infections is to be blamed on the government. They demand the resignation of Serbian President Aleksander Vucic and shout slogans like "Serbia has risen". They would also throw stones, bottles and eggs at the police. Police officers are said to have responded by throwing tear gas, among other things.

Serbia reopened in late May after the country's first lockdown, and elections were held on June 21. Many opposition parties boycott the election. They criticize Vucic's corona approach.

Representatives infected at election meeting

In the run-up to the elections, the governing party of Vucic organized meetings where people did not wear masks. Afterwards, several representatives of the party were found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

To date, the Eastern European country has registered 16,168 coronavirus infections. 330 people died from the effects of the virus. On Tuesday, the country reported 299 infections and 13 deaths. It is the highest death toll in the country to date in 24 hours. Epidemiologists and doctors warn, among other things, that hospitals are in danger of running out of capacity.