- We went out on a regular magnetic fishing round and fished metal scrap. Then after 10 minutes we got a grenade, it was heavy, about four to five kilos, says Niklas Larsson, chairman of Uppsala magnetic fishing association to SVT Uppsala.

The association occasionally finds old grenades in Fyrisån, but today's finds differed from the crowd, which UNT was the first to tell.

Area blocked off

"It had a front hat in the front, it was unexploded and not detonated," says Niklas Larsson.

Police blocked an area of ​​about 150 meters radius around the object, at the height of the train bridge adjacent to Fyris School. Train traffic was also stopped near the site. The National Bomb Guard was called in to investigate the object.

According to Niklas Larsson, the barricade was lifted after 2.5 hours, when the bombing force retrieved the grenade.