Paris (AFP)

Emmanuel Macron has set "four main lines" of work, including "reconstruction of the country" and "republican patriotism", to the "600-day" government which he assembled for the first time Tuesday at the Council of Ministers, said spokesman Gabriel Attal.

The day after the announcement of the names of the new ministers, the Head of State received at the Elysée Palace for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, the team reshaped around Prime Minister Jean Castex: said the President of the Republic, since there are just under two years before the end of this quinquennium and until the last day (...), we will be fully at our task and we will work hard work with determination, "said Attal, who was taking over as government spokesperson.

First, "the reconstruction of our country", "economic", "social", "environmental", "cultural" and "territorial".

The second axis is "republican patriotism". "We are going to move forward with clear objectives, to reach the end of our ambition on school", detailed Mr. Attal, also evoking "justice and the police", "institutions that are shaken", and "the equal opportunities".

According to Mr. Attal, the president also set a goal "to bring more freedoms and broader associations than before in our country" by relying on "the living forces of the nation, the economic and social forces , trade unions".

Finally, "the 4th axis is Europe", he added, "since we will not build our independence without the strongest European policy there is".

These lines should be set out by Mr. Castex in his general policy statement expected "next week". In the meantime, the government will meet in a "Saturday morning" seminar, said Attal.

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