Ismo Leikola, a career-creating stand-up comedian in the United States, is returning to Finland due to the coronavirus situation. Leikola talks about it in his recent Facebook publication.

The comedian star will start a tour in Finland in the autumn.

- Moro Finns. A happy announcement. Thanks to excellent measures, the corona situation in Finland is so modeled that a Finnish tour will take place in the autumn! Leikola says.

- Here in America, we are at the other end in terms of the corona, and here it is useless to dream of touring for a while, maybe until the end of the year. Anyway, the mood here seems to be somehow flammable and desperate with tough economic, political and other situations.

Comedian Ismo Leikola has lived and toured in the United States for a long time.

Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

Leikola was faced with a difficult solution and decided not to wait for the situation to improve.

- So Mepä and his wife decided to leave for Finland quite soon. Of course, straight-line quarantine is strictly masked by a face and is still subjected to a corona test when it is over.

Initially, Leikola was scheduled to perform in Finland in the summer, but for a long time it seemed that the couple could not get to Finland at all.

Comedian Ismo Leikola has made a name for himself in the United States, where he has lived for a long time and toured extensively. Leikola has gained attention in the country, for example, by performing at Conan O'Brien's talk show.

Leikola has gained a reputation in the United States.

Photo: Jussi Helttunen

At the end of his update, the comedian says he’s excited to finally say goodbye to respirators.

- Speaking of masks. There has been a must-have in public places since March and apparently never in Finland - it feels weird. It is quite nice to be able to move around the store and jog without them. Let's probably go to the knot after such a long time, when we can breathe freely - and still clean Finnish air. And there is no need to disinfect the food package, and otherwise not to adjust all the time with the basic functions in everyday life.

- Traveling is a bit awful in the middle of a pandemic. Direct LA-Helsinki flights are now also on hiatus due to the corona, so there will be a long journey. There is still a stopover in Wuhan, Leikola jokes.

Leikola’s jokes have also delighted Hollywood stars. Recently, there have been rumors of how Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Lee Curtis and Bette Midler shared a piece of Leikola’s performance in a some.

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