The center's MP Annika Saarikko (center) has not yet made her decision on whether to run for the party's chairman at the center's party meeting in September. He reiterates the timetable he has previously stated in public, ie he intends to consider the matter during July.

- This is a big decision and should not be made on frivolous grounds. I want to think about what is best not only for the city center but also for my own life and everyday life. The reflection is underway, Saarikko says.

Ilta-Sanomat soon met Saarikko, who is returning from maternity leave to the post of minister, in her home region of Loimaa at the municipal election event in the city center. At the beginning of the event, Saarikko announced that he would be available as a candidate for municipal elections in his new hometown of Oripää.

Saarikko and his family recently decided to move from Turku to the family of his late father in the neighboring town of Loimaa in Oripää. Saarikko says that during the summer, this “modest farmhouse” in the middle of the fields, in a side village, has been renovated to a better condition.

At home, support is solid. Those who visited the campaign tent, as discussed by IS, were very hopeful that Saarikko would run for office at the autumn party meeting. The decision to move from town to country was seen as an exemplary act.

Saarikko also received overwhelming support from the downtown field in MTV's survey.

The MP himself has been taken from the trust.

- Trust feels good and I appreciate the fact that so many people care about how the center is doing - that's what it's about. These people, who are supporters or activists of the party, wondered how the center would do better and gain trust from the people. It feels good.

After the summer, the autumn of changes in Saarikko's family begins. Not only will Saarikko himself return from maternity leave to the position of Minister of Science and Culture in August, Aarni, the family's firstborn, will start preschool and Saarikko's husband will in turn remain on family leave.

- All free time, whatever it is, is lived from Oripää's home, Saarikko assures.

The trees for late summer include at least painting the old yard building in the yard district and freezing the strawberries.

Saarikko has prepared for his return to ministerial duties by sitting down with both Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) and the head of the center's ministerial group, Katri Kulmun. He says he is looking forward to returning in good spirits.

- To also facilitate my own return to work, I wanted to meet both of them so that I know what is expected of me and what kind of entity I can get involved with. We had a good conversation with both of us, Saarikko sums up.

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