Laminates are known as a way for Hollywood celebrities to have a complete line of teeth, but they are almost always not made just for the sake of appearance.

Elina, 32, ended up in laminates because of reflux disease and gnashing of teeth. At a private dental office, he heard that worn and eroded teeth should be coated, and because of the increase caused by the coating, six laminate teeth would be made both up and down front.

- I've been thinking about this for a long time. But when a knowledgeable dentist suggests one, trust it. It should have been realized that this is such a huge procedure that it would be worthwhile to have it in the hands of a particularly experienced professional, not anywhere in the medical center.

Elina’s 12 laminates were ultimately a failed job, sinking 7,000 euros.

- Everything I feared in the procedure happened. The teeth were not in a straight line, there was not even enough dental floss between them, I developed an s-defect and I could not eat properly.

- This is such a terrible subject that I am actively trying to forget about the matter, and I have not talked about this as just lähimmilleni. It's embarrassing, even if it's not mine.

Laminates should be carefully designed - together with the patient

Elina no longer agreed to have her teeth repaired by the same doctor. Sami Savolainen, a licentiate in dentistry specializing in aesthetic dentistry, was found to remedy the situation.

- Laminates are also made in Finland with incomplete skills. Although the laminate itself is made technically correctly, due to the lack of design, planning and cooperation, the end result may be that the customer does not want to live with it, says Savolainen, who has been designing and installing laminates for 20 years.

The biggest problem, especially in Finland, is the lack of planning.

- First you have to do the design, then you plan on this basis, and only then you take the action yourself. Without these steps, there will be too much disappointment.

Another important point is the cooperation between the dentist, the dental technician and the patient.

- Everyone must participate in order for the outcome to be successful.

Above Elina's own teeth before starting the laminate project. Below the teeth in their current state with new laminates made on the upper teeth. Lower tooth laminates are still awaiting renewal.

Photo: Elina's home album

Laminates have become more common in Finland

A laminate tooth can be made on anyone, as long as there is enough healthy dental tissue left for the fixation, the bite is okay, ie it does not cause unusual bite force to the laminate, there is no connective tissue damage in the tooth and home dental care is okay.

Laminates are most commonly desired in three cases.

- They can be used to correct uneven or narrow rows of teeth, much patched teeth or a color that is lighter than whitening is desired, Savolainen says.

Savolainen estimates that laminates have become more common during his career in Finland.

- What is especially common is that laminates are no longer made just for a couple of teeth, but for the whole mouth and smile to be fit at once, even if it requires the production of several laminates. Sometimes on all teeth.

According to a professional, laminates made for the sake of appearance are becoming more common and have already become more common in Finland.

Singer Cheryl Cella, among others, has been reported to have laminates.

Image: Matrix / MVPhotos

Laminates must be used for the rest of your life: “A tricky thought of not getting my own teeth back”

Elina estimates that the laminate repair process will cost about 10,000 euros. Now he has been fitted with six new upper teeth, and soon the lower teeth will also be taken care of.

- Now I'm definitely pleased with the teeth and their appearance. Even though I didn’t go to take the laminates for the sake of appearance, they make for a perfectly perfect straight and white lineup.

Still, Elina emphasizes that the acquisition of laminates is really worth weighing.

- Once a decision has been made, laminates must be used for the rest of their lives. For myself, it was a really awkward idea that I would never get my own teeth back again. Therefore, I want to say that think about it carefully, and if you want laminates, go to a skilled professional.

The same is said by Savolainen.

- Making laminates or aesthetic treatments in general are emotionally sensitive things. They require patience and the fact that sometimes you may have to try several options before the end result is better than good.

Elina's name has been changed.

What do you need to know about laminates?

The ceramic laminate tooth is mounted on top of your own tooth with a smaller front surface. Once sanded, your own teeth cannot be recovered, but laminates must be used for the rest of your life.

Laminates made and bonded with the right materials and care currently last 25 to 30 years. At its thinnest, the laminate is 0.3-0.5 mm thick. The ceramic material can be said to be eternal, but with age, for example, the gum line may retract and the seam of the laminate become visible. This may be one reason to renew the laminates.

Laminate tooth requires care, cleaning, toothpaste and floss, as well as tartar removal and regular dental inspection just like your own natural tooth.

The price range of laminate in Finland is about 700–1000 euros per tooth. The final price of the laminate is affected by, for example, the skill and ability of the dental technician to make the laminate look natural.


Do not hurry. Inquire and consider options. Make sure you understand all the details of the procedure. The decision to take action may not be worth making at the first visit.

Check with your dentist. Aesthetic dental care is not provided by the dental chain but by the dentist. Find out who at the reception is actually familiar with aesthetic dentistry and has received further training in it. Aesthetic dental care procedures require further technical, dental, artistic and material-related training.

Ask for pictures. An experienced aesthetic dentist has to show dozens if not hundreds of pictures of the procedures done over the years. By looking at the pictures, you can quickly get an idea of ​​the quality of the work. Also, ask if your dentist will show you cases that match your own situation. Be sure to look not only at the teeth themselves but also at the gums and face as a whole.

Choose the exact and good type. The dentist should be accurate in his or her assessments, and this should have a clear vision of the outcome. The dentist must be able to justify the measures in an understandable way. Try to find a dentist who is willing to present all the options to fix your problem and with whom it is easy to discuss different options. The dentist needs to understand your problems and desires.

Sources: dentist Sami Savolainen, dental station Studiodent