Commander Sergio Ramos has contributed significantly to the positive results of Real Madrid during the past weeks, and his decisive presence in the penalty kicks was a decisive factor in the club's reaping of points of many matches.

Ramos scored a penalty in the 73rd minute to lead Real Madrid to a valuable victory over Athletic Bilbao on Sunday, recording the 20th penalty kick in a row with the club, a number that many of the attackers could not achieve.

Ramos' last failure to perform the penalty kicks goes back to 26 months, which confirms that the former player of Seville club strengthened his capabilities and developed his skills, which reflected his confidence in himself during the penalty kick implementation.

And Marca newspaper returned to Ramos penalty kicks during the last period, trying to discover the secret of the superior superiority of the Madrid leader, and the inability of the guards to counter his kicks.

The newspaper said that Ramos does not study the goalkeeper's movements before the matches, contrary to what many players assigned to carry out penalty kicks do when studying the goalkeeper's movements to expect his reaction when confronting him.

She explained that Ramos has developed a distinct skill that allows to take a decision regarding the method of implementing the penalty kick before he reaches the ball only, as he takes advantage of his period of movement towards the ball to monitor the goalkeeper and make a decision regarding the target goal and the way to hit the ball.

Ramos implemented the penalty kicks in different ways and in multiple angles, which makes it difficult for the guards to expect his decisions, and Bilbao goalkeeper David Surya said after the last game that he expected Ramos to pay Banenka (kicking the ball in the middle of the goal and over the goalkeeper), but was surprised by the ball living in the bottom corner of his goal .