The situation of pop star Britney Spears, 38, has recently aroused great concern among star fans. The somevideo released in recent days has made many wonder if the star is trying to send a secret message to its followers.

Spears has released one of the more bizarre videos in recent weeks. In the videos, the star behaves robotically and is like a shadow of Britney being known to the general public.

Close-eyed fans noticed that a comment on a Speaks TikTok video was left just over a week ago, wondering if the star might be all right.

- If you need help, put on the yellow one for the next video, one of the followers will comment on the Spears video.

A few days later, Spears posted a video on his Instagram account in which he dances with a bouquet of flowers. Wearing a star is a yellow shirt.

- My florist surprised me by making me a bouquet of flowers of all possible colors. I was so excited to wear my yellow favorite shirt and decided to share this with you, Spears writes in the update.

The release of that video made Spears fans totally confused. The comment box was filled with worried comments, and in the wildest theories, many believe the pop star is being held captive.

Many agree that the video would be a secret cry for help from Spears.

- Britney! What on earth? I feel like this is some kind of request for help. Is everything okay?

- What the hell is going on? I am concerned about his well-being.

- I've watched his videos, and it seems that all is not well at the moment. He’s like a robot and trying to make people believe he’s happy.

- Don't worry Britney, we're going to find a way to free you.

In addition, the comment box is full of tags #freebritneyspears.

Britney Spears in her Instagram photo.

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As far back as the early 2000s, Britney Spears had everything a young pop singer could hope for. She had money, fame, and number one on the list when the hits Toxic, Oops ... I Did It Again and Baby One More Time were each in turn at the top of playlists around the world.

The world-famous nerve-wracking star has long struggled with mental health problems and has been under the patronage of his father, Jamie Spears, for years.

The first warning signs of the future took to the air as early as 2000. As Britney toured Europe, Oops! In the wake of his I Did It Again tour, panic attacks began to be commonplace for the artist.

- She had trouble sleeping and she was crying all the time. He was restless, the nights were the only moments when he was alone and he couldn’t handle it. When nothing happened around, it drove him crazy. Only total exhaustion calmed him down, the inside of the star has previously been told to Mirror.

Strears, who struggled with mental health problems, has been under the patronage of his father for years.

In 2007, Britney sought detoxification at the request of her parents after a long period of substance-staining. However, he escaped weaning only after a day, and the final consequences of the escape journey were shaken for the whole world to see as a bald star-driven superstar chased paparazzi with an umbrella as his weapon.

However, Britney returned to the stage quite soon after her nervous breakdown in 2008 with her new Circus album. For a moment it already seemed that the artist would be back on track after all the adversity. In 2012, Britney also grabbed a judge’s bust from X Factor, but she left the program the following year.

The first warning signs of the future emerged as early as 2000.

In March 2019, Britney unexpectedly disappeared again from the public eye and the woman’s close circle was told by U.S. media that she had sought treatment for mental health problems.

It has been reported in the past that Britney’s Lynne mother would think her daughter is being held in mental health care against her will. The singer’s father, Jamie, for his part, has continued to act as a court-guardian for his daughter, but the father has had serious health problems.

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