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bus running in China suddenly rushed to the lake, killing 21 passengers and drivers. On the bus, there were a lot of students who took the university entrance exam that started yesterday (7th), so it was a pity.

Correspondent Song Wook reports from Beijing.


Blue city bus is slowly driving down the road.

I wanted to speed up, but suddenly I struck the guardrail across the opposite lane at full speed and went out of the road.

The bus immediately fell into the lake next to the road and sank to the point where the body was invisible.

Around midday yesterday, a city bus crashed into Hongshan Lake in Anshun, Guizhou Province, China.

Citizens and rescuers rescued 37 passengers, 21 of whom were killed and the other 16 injured.

Five of the dead were students.

Among the passengers, Chinese journalists reported that there were also students in the Kaokao University entrance exam, which began in yesterday.

[Attention of accident: An accident occurred around noon, but the time for the'Kakaoka' exam was just over. There were many students.]

Rescue authorities lifted the bus 10m deep within three hours of the accident and continued the search for missing persons.

Authorities are investigating the exact cause of the accident while bus drivers are also found dead.