• Rupture.Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas confirm their separation through a joint statement
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  • Separation: A two-year crisis that ends more than two decades of happy marriage

She is the most wanted woman of the moment. Ana Soria, the young woman from Almería who would have stolen Enrique Ponce's heart , has become the unexpected protagonist of current affairs in recent weeks. After learning the surprising news of the rupture between Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas after 24 years of marriage, his name has begun to sound strongly in the media specialized in the national social chronicle. After almost a week of silence, the law student wanted to make her position clear in the face of all the media commotion that is surrounding her.

The forceful and clear message from the right-hander's special friend reached the hands of Rafa Mora, collaborator of the Sálvame program , in full direct and at a very particular moment, minutes after Enrique Ponce himself called the space to deny certain information that were happening on his person.

The ex-tronista of Mujeres y Hombres and vice versa made Ana's words known by reading the textual message that had reached her own phone: "Many lies are being told, credibility cannot be given to the first person who arrives telling things because he can do a lot harm and it's not the truth. " As Mora himself added below, Soria would have wanted to make it clear that she is not the reason for the rupture between Enrique Ponce and his still wife and that he is not close to the right-hander since, as he stated, "he does not need it".

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas divorce after 24 years of marriage

She was not the only protagonist in the story to speak for the first time about everything that happened. The same afternoon that Ana's version was released, Enrique Ponce showed her opinion live through a phone call to the same program. The bullfighter confirmed his relationship with the young woman but denied having a relationship with her for a year and a half since, as he confirmed, "we have known each other for months."

Hours earlier, Paloma Cuevas was doing the same, using social media in her case, launching a very concise petition to her followers and to her general audience, and outlining the true relationship with her ex-partner: "Life has given love, a wonderful relationship and a beautiful family that is our passion. But happiness sometimes forks on different paths and we have long decided to follow them, but always united on a common horizon, to see our daughters grow as a family. "

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