There is controversy over the sentiment of President Moon Jae-in to the mother's moratorium on Ahn Hee-jung (former Chungnam governor), who was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for alleged sexual assault.

While Mr. Ahn was sentenced to death and sentenced by the Supreme Court for sexual assault, there was mixed opinion. As Mr. Ahn was serving, there was a conflict of opinion that the government and political parties had to refrain from condolences, and that they were doing human courtesy.

In addition to the harmony of President Moon Jae-in, Prime Minister Jung Se-gyun, Chairman of the National Assembly, Park Won-soon, Seoul Mayor Lee Hae-chan, Representative of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party, Kim Tae-nyeon of the Democratic Party of the Republic of Korea, and Nak-yeon Lee of the Democratic Party of Representatives, followed by an advisory procession Lost

Women's organizations and justice parties were the first to voice criticism.

"The National Assembly Femi," made up of women in the National Assembly, said on the 6th, "Governor Ahn is no longer Chungnam Governor. We shouldn't pay tribute in the name of government, political parties, or ministries." In addition, he said, "It was as if it was connected to Ahn's political lottery, so we had to pay attention to our comments and actions so that the public would never misunderstand."

In a comment on the same day, Hye-min Cho, a spokesman for the Justice Party, criticized the sympathy sent by passport officials, including President Moon, as "just an irresponsible judgment as a politician."

"It is a crime based on political power and power in the workplace as a sexual assault incident against the next major sovereign politician." "But today's behavior is inevitably a question of whether you really feel the responsibility."

He said, "I am concerned that the behavior like today will not be seen as a "solidarity of politicians against sexual violence" in Korean society."

Prof. Jung Joong-kwon, a former professor at Dongyang University, said on his Facebook page, "No matter how much a family is, the president should know how to distinguish between a ball and a ball." It should be done."

He emphasized, "It is not Ahn Hee-jung who will comfort the president, but a victim who has been molested by him."

On the other hand, some criticized that Mr. An was overly criticized when she received a family award.

A pro-female historian, Jeon Woo-yong, wrote on Facebook, citing the case of former congressman Roh Hoe-chan, saying, "Even in the past, the future United Nations Party did not accuse him of sending a wreath of presidential title to a poor man who committed suicide."

He pointed out, "Even if you hate sin, do you have to keep the courtesy of humans?

Rep. Ha Tae-kyung, a member of the Future Unification Party, said on Facebook on the 7th that "the justice party was so bad."

Assemblyman Ha said, "The president of Justice Chung Sang-jeong insisted that Kim Jong-il should be consulted at the level of our government at the time of his death." Is it a standard?"

The government and the ruling party have not yet made a clear stance regarding the controversy over public condolences. Along with criticism from netizens, Mr. Ahn was said to have spoken to key politicians who visited Vinso.

Meanwhile, Ahn received a mother's award and was temporarily released on suspension on the 5th. Ahn's term of suspension is until 9 pm on the 9th.

(Composition: Shin Eun Jeong, Photograph: Chansoo Lee · Choi Woong Choi, Editor: Heesun Kim)

(Photo = Yonhap News)