Eric Dupond-Moretti in 2018, on the sidelines of the Jérôme Cahuzac appeal trial. - SEVGI / SIPA

  • Eric Dupond-Moretti, 59, was appointed Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals to replace Nicole Belloubet. A real surprise.
  • Never elected, he had planned to keep a column from the start of the school year on Europe 1 and to move away from the courts a little.
  • Nicknamed "Acquittator" for his ability to win acquittals at the assizes, he appears as a big mouth hating the politically correct.

At the start of the school year, he had to keep a chronicle of humor on Europe 1. Eric Dupond-Moretti will be able to abandon it even before having awarded his first "favorites" and his "scratches". The tenor of the bars was appointed, this Monday, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, in the first government of Jean Castex. A real surprise when the deputy (LR) of Yonne Guillaume Larrivé had been tipped, since the beginning of the morning, to replace Nicole Belloubet, place Vendôme.

Aged 59, Eric Dupond-Moretti has made a name for himself by obtaining more than 140 acquittals (145 at the last count) before the assize courts in France which earned him the nickname "Acquittator". Big mouth patented, insatiable, it counted many famous customers among which Abdelkader Mérah, the brother of the killer with the scooter, Jean-Louis Muller, Jérôme Cahuzac or more recently of Patrick Balkany.

What projects await Eric Dupond-Moretti at the Ministry of Justice? https: //

- Clément Giuliano (@clemgiu) July 6, 2020

Rannuci's death penalty as a trigger

On the left, this northerner who lost his father at the age of 4 and was raised by his only mother always indicated that he had chosen to become a lawyer when he learned of the announcement of the death penalty of Christian Rannuci at radio when he was barely 15 years old. By will to "fight" the death penalty and injustice.

Adored by some of his colleagues, sometimes jealous and hated by others who denounce his often muscular methods at the hearing, especially during the trial of Georges Tron where he had broken the "faith of the palace" to obtain the dismissal, he is today today as a couple with singer Isabelle Boulay. And also claims his love for French song (in particular for Serge Reggiani) which he does not hesitate to intonate in all circumstances.

Tense relationships with magistrates

His appointment to the Chancellery augurs hectic hours for the world of justice. And the first reactions to the announcement of his name are the best illustration of this. Very critical of Nicole Belloubet, particularly regarding the pension reform of which they claim to be victims, the lawyers have long hoped for the appointment of someone from their seraglio to defend them. But then they probably did not think of Eric Dupond-Moretti who nevertheless supported them in their fight, by participating in the audience strike.

He will also and above all have to smooth out his relations with the world of the judiciary, which are tense to say the least. Supporter of the abolition of the National School of Magistrates, the tenor recently filed a complaint after discovering that his telephone records had been analyzed by financial judges investigating Nicolas Sarkozy in the "Paul Bismuth" case without him be informed.

But ? Didn't he just file a complaint against #PNF?

- Aliocha (@Plumedaliocha) July 6, 2020

Recently invited to Europe 1 to detail the chronicle he had to keep on the air, he spoke of his freedom of speech and denounced the fact that we cannot, today, say anything more, at the time of the social networks he hates and on which you won't find him. "When you are a lover of freedom, you cannot refuse it," he said then. The coming months will reveal whether the adage is also valid in politics.


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