• Lives. The other truth of Marisol: "The 'grasias' that I have to give to God for 'to' what has 'hurt me'"
  • Tribute. Marisol's daughters tell how they gave her the Goya at home: "It was a precious moment"
  • Birthday Marisol's quiet life with a vegetable garden and chickens when she turns 70

Sometimes fame and popularity are an actress' worst enemy. When director Luis Lucia Mingarro discovered Marisol (also Rocío Dúrcal and Ana Belén) he had a gold mine in his hands . Until everything melted.

In her first film as a teenager, Marisol headed for Rio (1963), the most beloved girl in Spain made good friends with Jöelle Rivero Mena, who played Copito . A year earlier, both agreed in Tómbola , where the Guinean interpreter gave life to María Belén.

Since then, Jöelle has disappeared. The trail was lost . It was as if a whirlwind had swallowed her up. Some of his relatives even went so far as to ask for help from Paco Lobatón in the program Who knows where? But whoever does not want to be found cannot be found.

Where will Copito be ?, was the question that everyone was asking and that Facebook even raged in 2012 when the hoax spread that Francine Gálvez, the first black presenter of the Newscast, was actually Copito. Something implausible considering that he was born in Cameroon in 1966, three years after the shooting of the Copito films.

Two people immediately appeared dismantling that legend. The first was Paula Mena Santos, a housewife from around Madrid who claimed that Francine was not Copito and that Jöelle was a relative of hers . Consuelo Urbón (retired at Reale Compañía de Seguros SA in Madrid) answered her, stating that her mother, Agustina Chávarri Mena, was the first sister of Jöelle's mother, Tere.


Fifty-seven years later, LOC has discovered exclusively where is that girl , pizpireta and mischievous who touched the hearts of a whole generation and whose appearance in the movies now some radicals of the Black Lives Matter movement consider racist. He lives in Salou (Tarragona), close to the Mediterranean and, according to the information provided by a source who did not want to identify himself, he has also lived in a nearby town, Vila-Seca, next to Port Aventura. At 68 years old, she is a happy retiree who does not want to remember a certain past of glory.

As soon as she picked up her cell phone, she was blunt: "No. I'm already withdrawn from all this and I'm absolutely not interested in anything. She is upset because she does not want to appear in any media . In fact, she assures that Telecinco and Antena 3 have already tempted her (with money and without it), but she has always remained at her thirteen.

When asked " Did he only do those two movies? " Joëlle replied: " Oops, I made those two and it's over ! I have already dedicated myself to something else and I don't even want to talk anymore ." It is a mystery what could have happened at that time when the child prodigies were on everyone's lips and some of them ended up like broken toys. Perhaps that is what he wanted to avoid seeing how Marisol was exploited. "It just ended. I finished my contract, my parents were not interested in the subject , I continued with my studies and I dedicated myself to other things," she reluctantly agrees.

Born in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea (former Spanish colony), in June 1952, Jöelle spent much of her childhood in Madrid with her aunts Tina and Juanita . Before saying goodbye, the former actress admitted: "My work had nothing to do with the show . And that's it. It's over." Marisol continued to triumph until she finally retired from cinema in 1985 after starring in Case Closed . Neither the numerous blank checks that have been offered have motivated her to leave her home in her beloved Malaga.

Jöelle is no longer a character. She is a lady who lives in the neighborhood, buys in local shops, gets along with everyone and nobody knows that five decades ago she played with that prodigy of Spanish cinema called Marisol. Certainly, Jöelle lived that "life is a tombo tom tom tombola, light and colorrrrr". Although today she remembers her childhood stage in the cinema somewhat out of focus.

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