• Argentina: A former private secretary of Cristina Kirchner, a protected witness in the mega-cause of corruption, is assassinated
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A dark and gruesome crime in the extreme south of Patagonia served to confirm that the political truce derived from the COVID-19 pandemic is now only a memory in Argentina: the opposition denounces that the murder is "of the greatest institutional gravity" , the President Alberto Fernández accuses his political rivals of "miserable" and "scoundrels" and only Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is silent .

Silence that baffles, because the murdered is Fabián Gutiérrez, his former private secretary who became "repentant" in a mega-cause of corruption that involves her.

If between 2003 and 2005 Gutiérrez followed Cristina around the world as secretary to the then first lady, between 2007 and 2010 he was her assistant secretary, with her already in the presidency. But in January 2010, Gutiérrez said enough, tired of the mistreatment he received. In 2018 he testified before the judge in the case known as the "corruption notebooks . " José López, Cristina's secretary of Public Works, who became famous when he tried to hide bags with millions of dollars in the middle of the morning in a nunnery in the first months of the Mauricio Macri government, had mentioned it. According to López, Gutiérrez had been the one who gave him the order to take the money out of his hiding place and take them to the convent on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Gutiérrez, who had meanwhile accumulated a personal fortune of astonishing dimensions, became a "repentant" and contributed juicy details of the cause , which involves the payment of tens of millions of dollars to the Kirchners by companies dedicated to public works. , among them the Spanish Isolux. This Saturday he appeared with blows to the head, tied, semi-buried and died in a house on the outskirts of El Calafate, the Patagonian town that serves as a base to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier , one of the country's great tourist attractions. Cristina Kirchner usually spends long periods in El Calafate, which she defines as her "place in the world".

A series of media and journalists circulated the theory of "crime of passion" , as Judge Carlos Narvarte arrested four young men and one of them, aged 19, said he had an emotional relationship with Gutiérrez. Gabriel Giordano, the Gutiérrez family lawyer, denied that version, and also any political component in the matter: "It is a matter of a local nature, a business of a local nature . "

Instead, the journalist Daniel Santa Cruz focused on the "Kirchner gold rush" that deputy Álvaro de Lamadrid denounces : people kidnapped and intimidated in recent years by groups that hunt for dollars in Patagonia allegedly hidden by the Kirchners.

Gutiérrez's murder curled the waters of Argentine politics. Social media was buzzing the same day the murder was revealed, with many people holding the "new Nisman" theory , referring to prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who died in highly suspicious circumstances in January 2015, when Cristina Kirchner ruled, hours before file a complaint against him in Parliament.


The hypothesis of a "new Nisman" is certainly extreme in more than one sense, but what the opposition is convinced of is that the matter is political and "has the greatest institutional gravity". The Together for Change coalition demanded that the case be brought to federal court and that no relatives of Cristina be involved in the investigation . Natalia Mercado, Cristina's niece, is the prosecutor involved in Gutiérrez's murder. Alicia, her mother, is the governor of Santa Cruz.

Santiago Cafiero, Fernández's chief of staff, asked himself rhetorically how to follow "a democratic dialogue when someone tells you that you are part of a political space that orders people to be killed."

And although Cristina did not utter a word after the violent death of a person who worked with her for many years , the Patria Institute, which she presides, signed a statement with a certain epic tone: "Our people have already learned with regret that those who defend their interests and their rights are always attacked with grievances in a futile attempt to remove them from the political scene. They have not succeeded with Eva Duarte or Juan Domingo Perón, nor will they do so with comrades Néstor and Cristina. " Nestor, by the way, died in 2010.

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