Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in a prison on August 10, 2019. The billionaire was charged with multiple sexual abuse and trafficking with minors - the same kind of crime he was convicted of as early as 2008.

British Prince Andrew was withdrawn after he failed to explain his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein in an interview. Prince Andrew lived, among other things, at Epstein after the billionaire served a prison sentence, as well as being suspected of having sexual intercourse with one of Epstein's victims. Prince Andrew has denied these accusations.  

The arrested Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of playing a key role in the sex trafficking of minors for which Epstein was charged and she must also have been the one who introduced Prince Andrew to Epstein.

The head is scared

Now the British royal house is being squeezed.  

What would it mean if Prince Andrew refuses to cooperate or if he cooperates?

- British media speculate that he does not want to cross over to the United States and is cross-examined by US prosecutors, in order for some inconvenient information to emerge. For the court, it is feared that he would get very hard questions, says Jonas Sevrin, SVT's reporter on site in London. 

Can get 38 years in prison

Ghislaine Maxwell was born into socialite and went to New York in her young years where she got to know Epstein. She is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, former Labor MP and publicist and businessman. He was also the owner of the left-wing tabloid The Daily Mirror. 

What could it mean for Prince Andrew to be arrested now? 

- She may get 38 years in prison for the six points for which she is now charged, but one is waiting for her to talk about these powerful people around. Will she tell Bill Clinton and if he has any involvement in this, will she talk about Prince Andrew and Trump ?, says journalist Christina Jeurling Birro.