Grégory Doucet, officially elected new mayor of Lyon. - L. Cipriani / Sipa

The new mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet knows that his summer will be most studious "to prepare the best for the start of the new school year," he explains in his own admission. The elected environmentalist, who will have to deal with many files, already indicated on Saturday at his first municipal council, the priorities to come.

The first concerns the world of culture, hard hit during the health crisis and the period of confinement. An emergency fund of 4 million euros, intended to raise theaters or other cultural structures in the city, to help associations and professionals in the sector, will be submitted for deliberation at the next municipal council, scheduled for July 10.

50% local products in the canteens

The issue of pedestrianization around schools and the greening of playgrounds are two projects which are particularly dear to Grégory Doucet, who aims to make Lyon "the city of children". "We will get started quickly," warns the elected official, aware that the realization of these projects will nevertheless take several years. Another change announced for schools: the composition of the menus offered in the canteens. The elected official expects to reduce the consumption of meat and the systematic introduction of a vegetarian alternative. "The objective is to introduce 50% of local production on the plates," he explains, anxious to promote short circuits and supply from producers in the region. It remains to be seen whether this will affect the price of the canteen.

Thermal renovation of buildings

Again, the site will take time as the task looks colossal. But Grégory Doucet has already announced an investment plan of one billion euros to renovate the main public buildings of the city of Lyon. History to significantly reduce heating bills in winter and better prepare for the effects of the next heat waves in summer. Convinced that "ecological progress can be the engine of the economy", the elected official intends to associate the titanic site with businesses in the region.

Towards pedestrianization in all boroughs

Pedestrianization and the place of the car in the city center are also among the priorities of the new municipal team. If there is no question of banning cars on the streets of Lyon, more space will be given to pedestrians and soft modes. The pedestrianization of a certain number of streets, will be engaged "in all the districts", reveals the mayor. But "it will be done in a concerted manner," he reassures, aware that we should not miss, or rush at the risk of attracting the wrath of its citizens. “We are going to start working with artisans, traders and residents because this question is fundamental. This is an important factor in promoting local shops, ”he believes.

Systematization of telework?

"We don't want to ban cars, just circulate better," insists Grégory Doucet. One of the levers for action to reduce congestion at the entrance to Lyon and improve air quality will be the work undertaken with local businesses to encourage them to travel less. “Work organization and teleworking are real subjects today. Now, we have to see how to take it and discuss it with business leaders, ”reveals Grégory Doucet, also in favor of a vast plan to support SMEs to help them consume less and improve their energy balance. "At the end of a year, this can represent a saving of 20 million euros for an SME," he says.

What about the current Festival of Lights and the future E metro?

Other files, initiated by the previous municipality, could however be set aside or corrected. This is the case with the traditional Festival of Lights. The new mayor has made no secret of the matter. “We are not going to stop everything, nor put everything flat for this year. Many things are already set and planned. But afterwards, we will try to offer a more polycentric and more popular party, ”he announces, without specifying what form he now wishes to give it.

The construction of the future metro E, which would serve the west of Lyon, is on hold. During the campaign, Grégory Doucet announced that he would conduct studies to see how to extend the future route. But his sidekick Bruno Bernard, president of the metropolis of Lyon, does not seem convinced at the moment. The latter, who aims to chair the Sytral (joint union of public transport), promised a study and a "consultation" aimed at determining which option would be "the most useful to the inhabitants". "I am not convinced that it is the E metro," he told BFM TV last week. From there bury the project in a few months?


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