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  • Relationships Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas divorce: a two-year crisis that ends more than two decades of happy marriage

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas (47) have confirmed, through a joint statement, their separation after 24 years of marriage. The announcement of the breakup, announced by Semana magazine , was a surprise that, in addition, has fueled all kinds of rumors about an alleged new relationship between Ponce and a 21-year-old young woman from Almería.

Given the media stir caused, the couple has decided to clarify where they are and has done so through a statement released on the Twitter account of journalist Aurelio Manzano . "Seeing the media repercussion that we are having in the last days, we want to state that we are in fact separation procedures, " they point out. The bullfighter and his wife emphasize that it was very difficult to make the decision: "It was a very thoughtful decision, made by mutual agreement and from the deep affection and mutual respect that we have for each other and that we have shown throughout our marriage. The only purpose going public is to protect our family environment and especially our two minor daughters . " The marriage has two girls, Paloma and Bianca, 12 and 8 years old .

Given the media expectation raised in recent days, the couple has asked the media "the utmost respect for our decision, and to stop publishing false and defamatory news , which all they achieve is to cause irreparable harm our daughters, and aggravate the damage to our public image and reputation. "

Faced with possible violations of their rights, both Ponce and Cuevas threaten lawsuits. "In the event that our rights continue to be violated, we reserve the exercise of actions that legally assist us , for the protection of our legitimate interests," the statement said.

Call to 'Save me'

Shortly after the text was published, the bullfighter entered the live program Save me to ask for respect. "We are having bad enough to invent other things. I think we do not deserve all this. Paloma and I get along very well and we have no problem, and all this that you are taking out hurts," he confessed. Kiko Hernández, talk show host.

The right-hander has telephoned after the testimony of a woman who claimed to have been with the marriage for 20 years and who, apparently, has released false information.

Ponce, in addition, "has denied some of the information about Ana Soria, the young woman with whom he is related and has been photographed." It is a lie that I met Ana a year and a half ago, I met her a few months ago , "he said, to ask then that they leave her alone. "They have lied about Ana and more," she declared.

In addition to the statement, Paloma Cuevas has also spoken alone on the separation. He has done it with a post on his Instagram account where he assures that no separation can end the affection they profess for each other. "Life is like that and you have to live it, without drama, hugging it with all the love we are capable of," he wrote.

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