Despite the continued testimony, the coach, captain, and senior player named as perpetrators came to the National Assembly today (6th) to deny all charges and did not apologize to the deceased. The captain, who pointed out that the victims were the number one punishment, said he had never assaulted, and the manager insisted that the team doctor was all there. In the midst of this, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Korea Sports Association said that there is no information about a person named Tim Doctor.

This is Yun Nara.


Director Choi Moo Kim and two senior players, who were named as perpetrators of assault and aggression by Choi Sook-hyun's colleagues, appeared in the urgent questionnaire opened by the National Council of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

However, they said that they had neither an assault nor an apology ,

[Mo Kim Kim/Triathlon Team, Gyeongju City Hall: No violence has been used.]


[Gyeongju City Hall Triathlon Team A Player: No apology, no such thing. One is eopeuni no cases sorry fact assaulted.

[10000000000000000 weeks watching Triathlon Team B players.'Ve been together all the time, only the heart is hurt, one was being diligent investigation]

Yet assault and verbal abuse are 'team doctor, not the parent's Director Kim claimed.

[Director Kim Mo/Gyeongju City Hall Triathlon Team: (Team Doctor) I was holding my waist and assaulting Choi Sook-hyun in an assault situation.]

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korean Sports Association, consistently bought the poor, about "Team Doctor," Ahn, who was accused of assault and violence.

[Bakyangwoo / Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister: I can not exactly personal (team doctor) Statue identified.]

[Yigiheung / The Sports President: The minutes no information about]

in the director and senior pointing to the perpetrator today pending inquiry process players jyeotneunde also brew incidents that place where you and the deceased's parents, fellow players,

[do Jong-hwan / Capitol of culture, Sports and tourism chair: Please, two (senior) players how to enter came determine quickly Inspector in IA]

See the As Kim attended with two other senior players, they were found to have attended the meeting without a request from the literary body.

Choi Sook-hyun's colleague, who had not heard any apologies from those who were accused of persecution, shed tears and hung up.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan·Haryung, video editing: Commissioner Yang)  

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