Antti Aarnio-Wihuri, a long-term supporter of motorsport, the main owner of the conglomerate Wihuri and chairman of the board, commented on the opening competition of the F1 season run for Ilta-Sanomat on Sunday.

Aarnio-Wihuri, who was ranked the third richest in Finland a year ago, served as the main sponsor of Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish driver for Mercedes, for twenty years, until the beginning of 2019.

Bottas drove the Austrian GP from start to finish at the top of the race on Sunday.

- Pretty good performance. But if the cars of the others had worked, then that victory would not have been self-evident. Red Bull, the worst competitor, dropped out of the game for their own reasons. There was no really fierce competition, but I was able to shave in peace, Aarnio-Wihuri commented to IS after the competition.

Aarnio-Wihuri (left) was a significant supporter of Valtteri Bottas for a couple of decades. Photo from 2014 in Monza.

Photo: Rita Tainola / IS

Red Ver driver Max Verstappen, who won the Austrian GP in the previous two seasons, had to be suspended due to a technical fault in the 11th round.

Alexander Albon’s race was missed a few laps before the goal after he crashed earlier with Lewis Hamilton.

Only 11 cars survived the opening race to the checkered flag, which was also the main observation of 80-year-old Aarnio-Wihuri from the Austrian gp.

- Quite a brawl. As such, it must be a nice competition for TV viewers, he said.

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Aarnio-Wihuri believes that in the upcoming competition, a very similar amount of drama will hardly be seen.

- So little competition is known that everyone is in a hurry to collect points. That’s why there can be a lot of clutter, but doesn’t that calm down as the pressure drops. I guess next weekend’s race is calmer and I guess technology isn’t playing better either.

Bottas (center) got to celebrate the victory of the first race of the F1 season on Sunday along with second-placed Ferrari Charles Leclerc (right) and third-placed McLaren Lando Norris.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma / MVPhotos

Aarnio-Wihuri was also pleased that the Mercedes drivers were not as overwhelming as anticipated.

Hamilton finished fourth in the race after receiving a time penalty for a collision with Albon, and Bottaska never got on a decent run away.

- Fortunately, it didn't go as the Mersum men praised in advance for driving in their own class. There was interest and nice events in the race, Aarnio-Wihuri stated.

Formula 1 season 2020

Sunday 5.7. results of the Austrian GP (71 laps, 306,452 km): 1) Valtteri Bottas Finland, Mercedes 1.30.55,739, 2) Charles Leclerc Monaco, Ferrari 2,700 seconds behind, 3) Lando Norris McLaren –5,491, 4) Lewis Hamilton Britain, Mercedes –5,689, 5) Carlos Sainz Jr. Spain, McLaren –8,903, 6) Sergio Perez Racing Point –15,092, 7) Pierre Gasly France, AlphaTauri –16,682, 8) Esteban Ocon France, Renault –17,456, 9) Antonio Giovinazzi Italy , Alfa Romeo –21,146, 10) Sebastian Vettel Germany, Ferrari –24,545, 11) Nicholas Latifi Canada, Williams –31,650.

Suspended by: Max Verstappen, The Netherlands, Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo Australia, Renault, Lance Stroll Canada, McLaren, Kevin Magnussen Denmark, Haas, Romain Grosjean France, Haas, George Russell, United Kingdom, Williams, Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Alfa Romeo, Alexander Albon, Thailand, Red Bull, Daniil Kvjat, Russia, AlphaTauri. Hamilton and Perez were given a five-second time penalty.

Fastest lap: Norris 1.07,475.

World Championship situation for drivers: 1) Bottas 25, 2) Leclerc 18, 3) Norris 16, 4) Hamilton 12, 5) Sainz Jr. 10, 6) Perez 8, 7) Gasly 6, 8) Ocon 4, 9) Giovinazzi 2, 10) Vettel 1.

Manufacturers World Cup situation: 1) Mercedes 37, 2) McLaren 26, 3) Ferrari 19, 4) Racing Point 8, 5) AlphaTauri 6, 6) Renault 4, 7) Alfa Romeo 2.

Next competition: 12.7. Austrian GP (Spielberg).

There are 8 races on the F1 calendar so far. 15-18 competitions are planned for the whole season.