“Today, Governor Kemp has issued a decree declaring a state of emergency throughout Georgia and authorizing the deployment of up to 1,000 members of the Georgia National Guard,” the governor said in a Twitter message.

The decree notes that last weekend as a result of incidents with shooting in Atlanta, 30 people were injured, five of whom died.

“This lawlessness must be stopped, and order in our capital restored ... This measure will allow the troops to protect state property and send law enforcement officers to patrol our streets,” Kemp said.

Earlier it was reported that former police officer Garrett Rolfe, a suspect in the murder of African American Reichard Brooks in Atlanta, which caused new mass protests, will be charged with 11 charges.

The incident occurred on June 12th. The man resisted the police and grabbed a stun gun from one of them, after which the police officer opened fire. Brooks subsequently died in a hospital.