A video spread on social media on Sunday in which the Roma party was not allowed to bathe in Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydämi.

In the video, a female voice asks, “do you have the kind that Roma are not allowed in here”. To this, the customer service representative answers “yes, yes”.

On Monday, Järvisydäme's CEO Markus Heiskanen sent a message to IS stating that it was a mistake in customer service.

- We made a mistake in customer service when we said that the Roma could not get to Järvisydämi. The Roma, like everyone else, can reach us. It was a human error on the part of a worker under great pressure. Immediately after the incident, he found himself saying it wrong. We apologize to those people.

- We will develop our customer service in the future so that a similar situation cannot happen again. The heart of the lake is known for good service and uncompromising quality, and we intend to keep that promise.

On Sunday, IS caught up with Jasmin Lindgren, 23, who shot the video. Lindgren says the group had never visited Järvisydäme before.

- My cousin used to call there earlier, and they promised that they could come here for a sauna and a bath. And after all, they didn’t know over the phone that we were Roma, Lindgren said.

- And then when we went there, then we are told that you cannot come when you are Roma. Just facing the face as shown in the video.

What were you told the reason you couldn’t get inside?

- The reason was when we are Roma and that there have been problems with Roma in the past, but we are not the Roma with whom we have had problems in the past, Lindgren says.

After the video went live on social media on Sunday, Järvisydän posted his response to the video on Facebook. Järvisydän writes that the video shared on Facebook is an escalation of the weekend’s events.

According to Järvisydämi, their guest on the weekend was a group who stayed free of charge, used the spa services free of charge, drank their own drinks in the drinking area, disturbed the restaurant's customers, disturbed other residents throughout the night and beat the employee and the customer.

According to its update, Järvisydän had to call the police on several occasions due to disturbances.

- As a result, people in the group in question were no longer admitted to the spa on Sunday. We would have done the same for any of our customers, Järvisydäme's press release states.

- On several occasions, the receptionist at the spa calmly told them that, unfortunately, they could not enter the spa now. The ban only affected the problem group, not the Roma in general. The staff could have told you more about this and we humbly apologize for that. The guidelines are by no means that the Roma are not welcome, on the contrary, Järvisydän writes.

Jasmin Lindgren told IS on Sunday that his party had nothing to do with the problem group.

- We were generalized. We’re not them, and we don’t know who those group members are, Lindgren noted.