The controversy over the refereeing decisions is renewed in every match for Real Madrid in the Spanish League in the recent period, and today’s confrontation with Athletic Bilbao was no exception, as the communication sites were filled with comments critical of the referee’s decisions, Gonzales Gonzalez.

And the royal club decided today’s confrontation with a single goal scored by captain Sergio Ramos in a penalty kick in the 73rd minute, to give his leading team a valuable victory, which kept him seven points behind Barcelona.

The penalty, which was calculated for Real, did not receive a great objection, because the Athletic Bilbao defender made a clear mistake and trampled on the foot of Real Madrid player Marcelo, who was in possession of the ball and was heading to the goal.

However, the shot that sparked the most controversy on the media was DOS Ramos at the foot of Raul Garcia in the 74th minute, which was clearly shown in TV replays.

The "The referee was right not to award a penalty"

Should @AthleticClub feel hard done by? 🤔

MARCA's refereeing expert says no ❌

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The Spanish newspaper "AS" said that the video technology rulers (VAR) did not return to this shot, because the Athletic Bilbao player was offside.

For its part, the Spanish newspaper Marca quoted the arbitration expert, Andukhar Olivier, confirming that there was no penalty kick in the controversial shot, and clarified that Ramos did not intentionally dos Garcia's foot.

For his part, Ramos confirmed in statements after the match that he did not see Garcia because he was behind him, and said that the shot was not critical because the ball was far from that area.