China News Service, July 5. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 10:33 on July 5, Beijing time, there were more than 11.23 million cases of new crowns diagnosed worldwide, and a total of more than 530,000 deaths. WHO stopped using hydroxychloroquine and other drugs in the "Unity Trial"; the epidemic situation in 39 states in the United States rebounded, including the number of new cases in Florida that broke twice in three days; three former and current high-level government officials in France were investigated for their inability to fight the epidemic. Including former Prime Minister Philip who resigned recently.

Data map: WHO Director-General Tan Desai. Photo courtesy of China News Service

WHO stops using hydroxychloroquine and other drugs in the "Unity Test"

  The World Health Organization announced on the 4th that it will stop the trials of hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir in its "Unity Trial" project on the grounds that the mortality rate of new crown hospitalized patients in these branch trials is almost or completely absent decline.

  The WHO emphasizes that this decision only applies to the "unity test" for inpatients with new crowns, and does not affect other studies evaluating the use of hydroxychloroquine or lopinavir/ritonavir in non-inpatients, or as a new crown before exposure Or evaluation of post-exposure prophylaxis.

  The "Unity Trial" project was launched by WHO in March and aims to find effective treatments for inpatients by comparing multiple new crown therapies. The "Unity Trial" project has currently recruited approximately 5,500 patients from 39 countries and regions to participate.

According to news on June 29, the number of hospitalizations in Arizona and the United States has recently set a record. The picture shows June 27 local time, Arizona people drifting in the river to cool off.

U.S. 39 epidemic rebound

The White House plans to let people "endure" the new crown virus?

  A total of over 2.83 million cases have been diagnosed in the United States, and new cases in 39 states are on the rise. At least 23 states have announced a moratorium on restarting their economic plans. In Florida, 11,458 new coronavirus cases were added on the 4th. This is the second time in the past three days that the number of cases has increased by more than 10,000.

  In addition, more than 91,000 medical personnel across the United States were diagnosed with the virus and 501 died.

  The US media said that the White House plans to adopt a new plan to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic in the next few weeks, and its overall tone is that the American people "need to endure the virus." The plan aims to allow senior officials to inform the public that regardless of the virus, the economy and life must move forward. The official said: "The virus is with us, but we need to endure its existence."

  In addition, many Brazilian cities have shown signs of aggravating the epidemic after economic activity resumed. The city of Campinas, the economic center of São Paulo, will be rezoned to the "red zone", which is the most severely affected area.

  In Tokyo, Japan, 131 people were newly diagnosed on the 4th, and the number of new cases broke the 100th consecutive day for three consecutive days.

On June 15, local time, London, England, commuters wear masks to take public transportation.

Start school, rework, reopen the museum

How far is it to return to familiar life?

  As the British New Coronavirus infection and mortality rate continued to decline, the British government continued to relax the blockade measures. On July 4th, tourists wear masks and visit the media open day of the National Gallery of England, which is the first gallery in London to welcome guests.

  On the same day, the second-hand trading market in Frankfurt, Germany, which was closed due to the epidemic, was reopened to the public. The market management department has adopted a series of measures such as restricting the number of visitors and wearing masks to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention.

  From July 5th, all personnel of the UAE federal government will return to work, but will implement a flexible working hours and shift system. According to the latest notice from the Turkish Ministry of Education, the country’s elementary, junior and high schools will begin on August 31.

  Russia has also relaxed some anti-epidemic restrictions, including catering, gyms, etc., but it has not completely "unblocked" and extended the ban on international flights. Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on the 3rd that the Russian epidemic is still serious, and it is probably the earliest February 2021 if normal life is to be restored before the epidemic.

Figure: Former French Prime Minister Philip.

After unblocking, a large number of aggregated infections occur

Several senior French officials were investigated for their inability to fight the epidemic

  The Court of the French Republic has confirmed that it has launched an investigation of three former and current high-level government officials because of their alleged lack of resistance to the new crown epidemic. One of the subjects of the investigation was Philip, who had just resigned as prime minister. Once convicted, they will face up to two years in prison and fines. Since the French "unblocked" on May 11, there have been more than 200 aggregate infections.

  The Canadian Parliament is investigating whether Prime Minister Trudeau’s government-sponsored student project management violated Canadian federal law during the epidemic. The Canadian government has recently decided to hand over a project that will support 900 million Canadian dollars for summer 2020 students to an organization called "Our Charity". The project provides a tuition fee of 5,000 Canadian dollars to students who volunteer for 500 hours of work. The target group is students and fresh graduates who cannot find work due to the new crown epidemic in the summer of 2020.

  However, according to local media reports, Trudeau and his family have a close relationship with the "We Charity" organization. Trudeau and his mother attended the organization’s charity events many times, and Trudeau’s wife hosted the organization’s mental health podcast.

  Shortly before that, New Zealand Health Minister Clark had resigned because of a weak response to the recent epidemic. According to Clarke, he had violated several prohibitions during the blockade, when New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said he would not dismiss him because he did not want to affect New Zealand's fight against the epidemic.