Iina, 28, from Helsinki, was on a group of four acquaintances on a cruise to Riga operated by Tallink Silja.

The party stayed on the Silja Serenade in a cabin with a direct view of the Promenade deck.

The video Iina sends to the IS shows the crowd waiting to enter the terminal from the ship.

Based on the video, the safety intervals and Corona time restrictions seem to have been completely forgotten.

Tallink Silja: 75 percent of capacity in use

Iina filmed the video this morning when Serenade returned from Riga to Helsinki's Olympic terminal.

- We left for the cruise from the same terminal on Thursday at 4 pm. The terminal was already full of people both inside and out. It looked wild, he said.

According to Tallink Silja's website, the ship can accommodate 2,852 passengers.

- We bought the cruise about a month ago, and it was said that only half of the ship's capacity will be filled. I don't know if there has been a change since the restrictions were lifted, maybe the cruises will be sold out to the last place, Iina said.

- The ship was really, really full of passengers of all ages. For example, no one in our party ever remembers having been on a cruise with as many people before.

Tallika Silja's Communications Director Marika Nöjd confirms to IS that the passenger limit is currently 75 percent. That means about 2,000 seats will be sold on Serenade’s Riga cruises.

The company's means are limited

- We already anticipate that boarding and disembarking are the places where congestion will form, even though a relatively short time is spent in place, and the queue is moving forward, Nöjd said.

According to Nöjd, passengers are urged in the announcements to wait in peace for boarding and disembarking.

However, Tallink Silja has not considered it necessary to decentralize passenger groups.

- If the passenger himself does not want to wait in a more relaxed space, it is his own decision and choice. Of course, we have been thinking of ways to do things differently.

One solution could be to stagger the boarding and disembarkation by time. Nor would it necessarily change the situation:

- A Finn always arrives half an hour earlier, Nöjd said.

"It's pretty special that people have already forgotten everything"

Iina, who returned home today, said she understood very well that people have a strong passion for getting on the trip after months of restrictions.

- For the same reason, we went on a trip. Still, it’s pretty special that people already seem to have forgotten everything about the past months, such as taking care of safety gaps and other hygiene restrictions.

Although the members of Iina's party are young and do not belong to risk groups, the situation was worrying.

- During that trip with the crowd, we thought that Mr. Jestas, what a virus spinner the whole ship might be. I hope we all stay healthy, Iina said.

Marika Nöjd regretted the experience of the Iina party.

- It is very unfortunate if they have felt that there has been a place of danger in that situation. We’re really thinking all the time about how we could get people’s staggering better, he stressed.