China News Service, July 5th, according to the official WeChat official account of the Beijing Health and Welfare Committee, from July 0 to 04:00, 2 new cases of local confirmed cases were reported. No new suspected cases and asymptomatic infections were cured. One case was discharged; there were no new reports of imported confirmed cases, suspected cases, and asymptomatic infections.

  From 0:00 on June 11 to 24:00 on July 4, a total of 334 local confirmed cases were reported, 324 were hospitalized, and 10 were cured and discharged. There are 29 cases of asymptomatic infections that are still under observation; there are no new reports of confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections of new coronary pneumonia imported from abroad.

  The newly confirmed cases are all in Fengtai District.

  There are no local newly reported confirmed cases in 15 districts in the city, specifically Pinggu District has no reported cases since the outbreak, 163 days in Yanqing District, 149 days in Huairou District, 147 days in Shunyi District, 144 days in Miyun District, and 20 days in Shijingshan District. 19 days in Mentougou District, 19 days in Fangshan District, 18 days in Dongcheng District, 14 days in Tongzhou District, 13 days in Chaoyang District, 12 days in Xicheng District, 9 days in Haidian District, 9 days in Changping District, and 4 days in Daxing District.