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This is the surprise in Vitry-sur-Seine. The outgoing mayor Jean-Claude Kennedy (PCF) thought he would re-emerge for a mandate after having led the victorious list to the municipal elections: it was however one of his running mate who won on Saturday, in this city near Paris. "It did not go as it should ... Rather rare, voters are left with a mayor they did not choose," said Jean-Claude Kennedy, 68, whose list DVG had collected close 50% in the second round. According to him, his "comrade", also from the PCF, "cheated popular sovereignty" by presenting himself.

It was therefore a simple municipal councilor, Pierre Bell-Lloch, who conquered the mayor's chair during a municipal council where he won 27 votes out of 53, against 11 only for Jean-Claude Kennedy, the other votes being distributed between Frédéric Bourdon (ecologist, supported by LFI) and Alain Afflatet (LR).

The new mayor of Vitry @PBell_lloch poses with his 15 assistants after his election to the installation municipal council # Municipales2020

- Vitry-sur-Seine (@mairievitry) July 4, 2020

A secret ballot vote

"It is undoubtedly the first time in the history of our country that a running mate has decided to produce such an act five days after universal suffrage," added the outgoing mayor, promising not to stop there. "History has shown that putsch never takes place over time."

In the most populous city of Val-de-Marne which experienced record abstention rates in municipal elections, the vote of the municipal council, which took place at the request of Pierre Bell-Lloch by secret ballot, caused the effect of a bomb, including in the opposition. During this municipal council, Frédéric Bourdon thus deplored "a democratic heist", judging the new mayor "illegitimate".

A new 42-year-old mayor

After putting on his tricolor scarf, the new 42-year-old councilor offered his "apologies for not having managed to reach a compromise". "I am very aware of the emotion and stupor" generated and "nothing is more difficult than tearing your family apart in front of you," he added. But he and his supporters wanted "a strong youth renewal team and that was refused to us," argued the forties, also vice-president of the departmental council. And to drive the point home in front of the chair left empty by Jean-Claude Kennedy: "The world is now changing at an increasing speed and we need a municipal team that understands the change".


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