"It is a pilot project that we got to know about, where a reading board with a simplified menu is used that allows the residents to call their relatives via a video call," says Jenny Westerlund, unit manager at Äppelvägen senior housing.

In what way can the telephone booth help the residents?

- It works well to break the isolation that prevails right now and it is nice for the residents to be able to see and talk with their relatives, says Jenny Westerlund.

Built-in reading tablet in a telephone booth

The telephone keypad's usual keypad and telephone handset have been replaced with a tablet. The digital menu has been simplified to be able to make a video call without any prior knowledge.

"It is a very fun idea and we all think that living here," says Birger Winqvist, 95, resident of Äppelvägen senior housing in Färjestaden.

It is Mörbylånga and Trelleborg municipalities that are the first in the country to test this solution and the pilot project is carried out in collaboration with a telephone company.

In the clip above, Unit Manager Jenny Westerlund and Birger Winqvist tell us more about the telephone booth.