Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock said that during the past days he met a wide range of political and social forces, and received notes calling for adjusting the track, stressing that all the demands were legitimate and that his government would work to implement them during the next two weeks.

He also mentioned that the balance on which the transitional period is based passes from one period to another with many difficulties, and that internal and external forces are trying to destabilize Sudan, indicating that his country may go through a difficult stage, but he will not go back, as he put it.

Political arrests
For his part, the opposition Popular Congress Party, which was founded by al-Turabi, said that the campaign of arrests that targeted party leaders and political activists is illegal and violates freedoms and human rights.

In a statement, the party described the arrests as political, and constituted a breach of the covenants by the partners of the transitional government.

The statement stated that the Popular Congress Party received information from the families of the detainees, some of whom were subjected to enforced disappearance, and the lack of knowledge of their places of detention.

The party called on local and international human rights organizations to pressure the authorities to release political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.