North Korea, which uttered harsh words every day toward the South last month, has stopped criticizing for more than 10 days and continues its silence.

Today (5th), as a result of reviewing the media reports in North Korea, articles aimed at the South Korean government in the past 12 days seemed to be hiding.

In particular, media criticized by North Koreans, such as the labor newspaper and Chosun Central TV, stopped criticizing South Korea.

Foreign propaganda media, who have been at the forefront of condemning South Korea, have not given anything other than'tweet accusation' against the military or political parties, and allegations that borrowed from the South Korean civil society.

This is in contrast to the fact that on the 4th of last month, Kim Yeo-jung, the first vice-president of the Labor Party's first vice president, criticized North Korea's disarmament charges, and threw out an average of 50 cases of blame every day from internal and external media.

On the 23rd of last month, when tensions between the two Koreas were at their peak, there were 70 cases of criticism and response to residents.

The situation has been around since last month's report on the preliminary meeting of the Party's Central Military Committee, chaired by Chairman Kim Jong-un, had suspended the plan for military action against South Korea.

Not only did the Labor Newspaper stop reporting on residents' reports, but foreign propaganda media also deleted more than 10 articles criticized by the South on the same day.

North Korean authorities are not giving any special message.

President Moon Jae-in held a diplomatic and security camp focused on inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation, including the appointment of former Representative Park Ji-won, the head of the June 15 inter-Korean summit on the 3rd, to the head of the National Intelligence Service, but he remains silent.

There was no mention of inter-Korean relations at the Labor Party's Political Bureau meeting chaired by Kim Jong-un on the 2nd.

However, the first vice minister of Foreign Affairs Choi, Choi-Hee said, “We are the parties, even if we are aiming at the South Korean government who showed willingness to meet with the United States yesterday (4th) before dismissing the possibility of the third North American summit talks before the US presidential election. There were people who were conscious of what they would think of and who were expressing their willingness to arbitrate.

Vice Chairman Young-Cheol Kim of the Labor Party earlier gave a warning talk to Defense Minister Chung Kyung-doo on the night of the 24th of last month, but the level was not high.

In particular, Vice Chairman Kim said, "It is a time to take a look at the prospects for North-South relations depending on the attitudes and actions of the South Korean authorities."

North Korea suddenly ceased to condemn South Korea, not only warned of the seriousness of spraying North Korea, which was the'eyesight', but also led the South Korean government's countermeasures through drastic measures such as blasting liaison offices. Because I ran it, it becomes a solution.

In addition, as it had the effect of solidifying the heartfelt public sentiment due to economic sanctions caused by sanctions against North Korea and Corona 19, it is expected that while watching the trend of the Korean Peninsula for the time being, it will focus on internal affairs and make a full-fledged battle to resolve the livelihood.

(Photo = Chosun Joongang TV· Labor Newspaper website capture, Yonhap News)