Hong Kong national security law: China accuses Canada of meddling

Beijing Ambassador to Ottawa, Cong Peiwu, November 22, 2019. REUTERS / Blair Gable

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Canada is one of the Western countries that strongly condemned Beijing's imposition of the national security law in Hong Kong. Beijing responded on Saturday with the voice of its embassy in Ottawa.


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With our correspondent in Shanghai, Simon Leplâtre

Beijing does not appreciate being given lessons in human rights. After the imposition by China of a deeply liberticide national security law in Hong Kong, Canada decided on Saturday to suspend its extradition treaty with Chinese territory, less and less autonomous under pressure from Beijing.

"Unjustified remarks"

China rebels: in a statement published on its website, the Chinese embassy in Ottawa denounced "  unjustified remarks which seriously interfere in the internal affairs of China  ".

Certain Western countries, including Canada, interfere in Hong Kong affairs under the pretext of human rights, which seriously violates international law and the basic standards of international relations  ," said the spokesman.

China adopted the text unilaterally and without consulting with Hong Kong politicians. The text "will  strengthen the legal framework of Hong Kong  " and "  benefit  " its citizens and international investors, he argued.

Already strained relationships

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that he was "  concerned  " about the situation in the former British colony, saying that Canada believed "  firmly  " in the principle of "  one country, two systems  " supposed to guarantee Hong Kong unknown freedoms elsewhere in China until 2047.

Sino-Canadian relations are already very strained because of the extradition to the United States of Meng Wanzhou , the daughter of the founder of Huawei. In retaliation, China arrested two Canadian citizens in late 2018, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor , who were recently charged with spying.

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