China and Japan are currently suffering from heavy rains and the resulting floods and landslides.

In Japan, two people have died and 16 are feared dead, Japanese broadcaster NHK and other local media report, according to AFP. Authorities have not yet confirmed the deaths.

Eighties man and woman in various cities in the western Kumamata region died as a result of the landslides.

Defense forces and police rescued residents of a flooded nursing home in an inflatable boat in Hityoshi town, Kumamata area.

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16 other people are in critical condition at the hospital. Of these, 14 are residents of a nursing home flooded in the town of Hityoshi, in the Kumamata area.

In addition, 16 people are missing. Rescue forces have been searching for missing people throughout the night.

Police are looking for residents in a flood-stricken building in the town of Hityoshi, in the Kumamata area.


Although the rains have already eased a bit in the Kumamata area, collapsed bridges, broken roads and landslides have isolated several residential areas and hampered electricity distribution. The rains have destroyed numerous homes and taken away cars as they went. More than 200,000 people have been issued an evacuation order.

In the city of Yatsushiro, people made a large “SOS” sign on the ground, next to which 10 people were waving white towels as requests for help to rescue and media helicopters.

Rescue workers helped residents out of the flooded block in Hityoshi town, Kumamata area.


Heavy rains have also wreaked havoc in China. According to the New York Times, a total of 105 people have either died or been missing. One of the areas most affected by heavy rains is Hubei Province, from whose city Wuhan the coronavirus started last year. Hubs have had the most cases of coronavirus in the entire country, so the new crisis is a severe blow to the region. Floods affect as many as 15 million people in southern China.