Colombian Armed Forces have killed a leader of the ELN guerilla movement in a military operation. Jhon Fredy Cortés Buritica, also known by the aliases of Dumar or Culebrito, was also seen as the right-hand man of Pablito, the military leader of ELN.

President Iván Duque of Colombia announced the death of Cortés Buriticá on Saturday, among other things, via Twitter.

According to Duque, Cortés Buriticá is partly responsible for the planning and execution of a serious bomb attack on a police academy in the Colombian capital Bogota. At the beginning of last year, 21 people were killed in the attack and nearly seventy people were injured.

Although Duque has not yet provided details of the military operation that killed the head, he called it a "powerful operation against the Mafia, terrorism and crime".

ELN is the only active guerrilla group in Colombia, having made peace with the much larger FARC since late 2016. The group says it stands up for the poor farmers compared to the richer bourgeoisie in the country, but does not shy away from violence.