Tokyo Governor Election Vote Advance July 5 12:07

The largest number of people in the past, 22 candidates, was voted on the 5th in the Governor of Tokyo, where measures against the new coronavirus and other issues were at issue.The estimated voter turnout as of 11:00 a.m. was 11.61%, four years ago. It is about 1 point lower than the election.

The 22-year-old candidate for the Tokyo Governor's election, the largest number ever, was debated in the 17-day election campaign over the new coronavirus and the response to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that were postponed for one year.

Voting is held at more than 1800 polling stations, and according to the Tokyo Election Commission, the estimated voting rate as of 11:00 am is 11.61%, which is 1.06 points lower than the election four years ago. ..

On the other hand, the number of people who voted early by the 4th was 1,754,013, which is more than 15% of all voters, an increase of more than 45,000 from the previous time.

During this election, when new infections were confirmed in Tokyo, candidates had an unusual election race, such as holding meetings and refraining from shaking hands.

Voting will close by 8 pm and will be counted the same day.