"They are leaving, they are leaving, they are leaving, they are leaving, it is for the outside that they are going." The lyrics of the last meringue of the famous singer Johnny Ventura were repeated throughout the Dominican Republic on the eve of the first electoral round in the midst of the pandemic. A message with chascarrillo addressed to the sacred cows of Dominican politics for almost 30 years, who see a historic electoral defeat approaching . Both polls and popular sentiment mark the general desire for change in the country.

The elections, the first in Latin America since the attack of the coronavirus on the continent, were originally called for May and were delayed until this Sunday by order of the Central Electoral Board. The Caribbean country reached a new record of infections on Saturday , 1,306 more positives, reaching a total of 36,186.

The number of deaths is 786. The outbreaks in the capital worry the authorities, who know that they are in a moment of maximum contagion. The Government has ordered that in the electoral colleges the sanitary protocol is complied with, which includes the obligatory use of masks, disinfection in the precincts and social distancing. More than seven million Dominicans are called to the polls , after a campaign that has not been a party, as is traditional.

As the meringue of the Caballo Mayor Ventura, who even became mayor of Santo Domingo, sings slyly, "those of the Palace no longer doubt that they are leaving. Lies are part of their daily lives, as fakers of history they will pass. This wise people discovered its falsehood. " A song that reflects the boredom and weariness of a country against the governments , political tasks and corruption of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), which have shared power since the departure in the last century Joaquín Balaguer, the successor to the dictator Leónidas Trujillo .

The almost eternal Leonel Fernández, now a dissident of the PLD, and the current president, Danilo Medina, shared the presidency with the 'perredeista' Hipólito Mejía, the one who went down in history for wanting to dance a merengue with Queen Sofía and little else.

The latest Gallup and Greenberg surveys for the newspapers 'Hoy' and 'Diario Libre' reflect overwhelming majorities of 53.7% and 56% for the 'outsider' and dissident Rafael Abinader, Social Democratic leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), grouping emerged from the bowels of the PRD. With this advantage, the same one you feel in the streets of the island of Hispaniola, you would not need to go to the second round.

After the great favorite, the official Gonzalo Castillo, who reaches 35% of the support, and Fernández himself, three times president of the country, who at the head of The Force of Change barely stands out above 12%, debate.

"No obstacle can stop the will of millions of men and women crying out for change, " Abinader stressed in his latest campaign speech. An evident commitment to "an honest, honest and transparent government". With his career and his speech, Abinader approaches the type of leader that Dominicans demand today: firm against corruption and determined to remove the country from the economic torpor imposed by Covid .

The oficialista Castillo, an official without charisma nicknamed 'El Penco', served as Minister of Public Works during the administration of his godfather Medina. In the electoral campaign, he has not left any signs that he is the politician Dominicans are looking for today.

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