Finnish F1-ace Valtteri Bottas grabbed the pole position in the Austrian GP practice on Saturday.

Along with Bottas, his teammate Lewis Hamilton will accelerate the race on Sunday.

Reigning world champion Hamilton glowed from Bota and Mercedes on social media after a time trial. On Instagram, Hamilton wrote right at the top that the team and the Finn did a great job.

Hamilton urged his followers to pay attention to Bottas ’helmet.

- Look at the back of his helmet. In it, hands of different colors hold each other. It’s a vision I respect, Hamilton wrote.

Bottas' helmet reads in English: stronger together.

Bottas responded to Hamilton's message on Instagram with symbols: different colored biceps and a prayer symbol.

Bottas unveiled the new look of his helmet on Instagram before the Austrian GP weekend, while announcing its favorite Tiffany Cromwell as its designer.

Hamilton has emerged as an active advocate for equality since the death of George Floyd.

Floyd died on May 25 in Minneapolis after American police held his knee around his neck for nearly nine minutes.

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