• Gerona.They detain the man who sprayed caustic soda on a woman and her daughter in Girona
  • Gerona.A man attacks with caustic soda a woman and her daughter in Sant Feliu de Guíxols

"Every day he is observing where we live and recording conversations of ours that he hears. We have two young daughters. We are afraid that he will harm them. I have made four complaints to the Mossos, they do not put a solution. We have witnesses that he is always downstairs observing. If not put solution we will have to change housing, and we can not do it with two daughters. "

This is how Ana María and her husband, Mimon, summed up on May 29, for the fifth time now, the fear that the guy who harassed them gave them. Then came more complaints, a summons for a trial in the middle of this month, statements at the police station, and finally, last Monday, he poured caustic soda on her and her five-year-old daughter on the portal of her house in Sant Feliú de Guixols, Gerona.

"It is not known whether he will lose the sight of his right eye, for now he only has 10% vision. Despite having denounced many times, in the end the aggressor achieved his objective," explains Juan Manuel Medina, his lawyer. His long dark hair has disappeared and Ana María's head is shaved, full of bald spots caused by the burns of the product. The swollen lip hurts every moment.

Although her daughter's face did not bear the brunt of the assault, she has a swollen eye, burned lips, and marks on her nose, also because of the caustic soda.

His name is Elhacen Kbiba, and he had known her for a while. Mimon, the husband, declared last Wednesday in Telecinco that both met the aggressor "because of a girl who came to clean the house", although he told them that his name was Hassan.

Be that as it may, she and he seem to have started a small relationship that she did not want to continue, because although she had a bad moment with her husband, she wanted to try to return. And that he did not accept.

The harassment began, the stalking in his house, he threw stones at him.

And we got to Monday. Again at her house. This is what David remembers before the Mossos, a witness to the events from his workplace, in front of the house: it was 12:20 when the perpetrator seized the woman and her daughter against their will. He forced them into the portal and closed the door. At once, the attacker ran away and loud screams were heard.

David tried to enter, but the portal was closed. A little later the caretaker of the girls appeared and opened. There were Ana María and her daughter, both screaming, with big burns, complaining of the pain on their faces.

A vial of caustic soda was thrown on the floor.

Elhacen remained in search and capture until Wednesday morning, when the Mossos captured him in the surroundings of his home, also in Sant Feliú. The husband himself told in the summer program that the regional police had warned him of the arrest.

Parallel worlds

Already arrested, Elhacen's statement before the examining magistrate seems taken from a parallel world: according to him, she invited him to enter the portal of his house on Monday. She was carrying a bottle of acid and tried to empty it between her legs. He fought back, took the bottle from her, and accidentally spilled the rest of the liquid. He ran away because his eyes stung, he went to ask for water. Then he went into the forest because he thought that no one would believe the version of the accident. When he was arrested, he was carrying 600 euros to pay the rent. And he carried the passport because ... Well, because he always has the passport on him.

The lawyer Juan Manuel Medina asked him about the moment when, as David related, he forced Ana María and her daughter into the portal. But no, he said, they were holding each other, not that he pulled her by the hair or ankle.

Nor does that version coincide much with that of Latifa, the current caretaker of the girls, who is a relative of the husband. She went downstairs and saw Elhacen holding Ana Maria's hair, spraying her face with what she had in a bottle. Latifa herself splashed drops on her foot as she pushed the attacker away.

The judge did not believe the version of Elhacen, who since Thursday has been in communicated prison and without bail.

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