A man suspected of sexual offenses against underage girls was sentenced to imprisonment in the Helsinki District Court on Saturday, says crime inspector Jari Koski from the Helsinki police. The 34-year-old man is suspected of harassing and harassing underage girls and adult women in Kannelmäki, Helsinki.

Crimes are suspected to have occurred last fall and this year. Police arrested the suspect on Thursday.

Four different acts are currently under investigation by the police, two of which criminalize the sexual exploitation of a child and two of which involve its attempt. The victims known to the police are children over the age of 10.

According to forensic inspector Koski, there have been inappropriate touches, suggestions and videotaping in known cases. According to Koski, the events have not been close to rape crimes, but they meet the characteristics of sexual exploitation or its attempt.

Koski says police have received a few new contacts since the crime was reported to the public on Friday. However, according to Kosken, these possible new criminal suspicions have not yet been clarified in more detail.

The most recent act under police investigation took place in mid-June. Police will continue to investigate whether there may be more victims.

According to Kosken, the suspect is already familiar to the police, but he has no previous criminal background. Police said earlier that the crime suspect is a small man with bushy black hair and a bushy black beard. He has tried to talk to the victims in poor Finnish and English.