• Hemeroteca.Fortfast interviews Pablo Iglesias: "Vote, you bastards!"

The month of July has started fatally for the Granada-born youtuber Fausto Climent , known on the internet as FortFast , and head of the custom-themed channels FortFast WTF. Overnight, the one that was one of the most followed content producers in the country - each of his videos reached the million views without too many problems, which implies a high level of incidence and the possibility of monetizing the work-, has become a plagued and object of all kinds of mockery and personal attacks as a result of the complaint on Twitter of a former employee, Fran Rodrigo, for having exploited and harassed him in work in 2018, when he entered to work at the company that he had assembled to produce new audiovisual content for third parties.

The former employee made the decision to write his complaint thread after FortFast posted on Twitter on July 2 a comment to a video by the user @RxnyFN in which he remembered the moment when a famous video game player, Byron Bernstein , Reacting to the harassment of an online crowd asking him to commit suicide - and unable to bear the pressure and hatred poured on him, Byron was found dead this past July 1. "My soul breaks. Please never forget that behind the screen is a person," said FortFast.

In a little while his former employee replied, reproaching him for his hypocrisy: "You are going to allow me to make the assessment, after two years of reflection, that you have balls the size of two soles. And I probably fall short in magnitudes."

Immediately afterwards, Rodrigo started a thread on his Twitter account (@StreamFran) about his experience working with FortFast, and how this led to harsh uses, labor exploitation and an anxiety picture that, in the complainant's version, he has not been able to overcome in the two years that have passed since the events. The summary of his thread goes like this: in 2017 Fran Rodrigo left his studies at the university and was forced to look for a job that went beyond the one he had previously held as a commercial. He had collaborated with the FortFast channel helping in the editing and scripting of the videos, and FortFast suggested joining a new project, a media agency that provided audiovisual content and online strategies for different clients.

What the two parties did, too, was a scam: Fran Rodrigo charged an orphan's pension on the condition that he did not invoice more than 13,000 euros annually and, in order not to lose it, they agreed that FortFast would pay him up to that amount through a part-time contract , but with full-time obligations. The problem was when the good initial vibe began to develop into a toxic working relationship in which FortFast began to demand more and more of its employee, with bad manners, derogatory words and without paying fairly the excess hours that forced perform, sometimes on weekends or at odd hours of the day. All this, in an eye calculation, came out for 1.5 an hour.

Fran Rodrigo came to show the subscription for a month of work: about 460 euros. He also provided FortFast reproductions of voice notes in a hysterical and falton tone, with insults, pressure and ridicule.

The employment relationship ended and all parties went their own way: FortFast with its YouTube channel and its company - which, in a video published yesterday on Twitter, recognized that it had gone wrong from the beginning, so he had to ask a loan for 60,000 euros to pay debts and payrolls-, and Fran Rodrigo finding another job in the audiovisual sector focused on the internet and networks and managing his own channel on Twitch.

This, which should not have been more than one of the many complaints and account adjustments that emerge on Twitter, ended up being oversized due to the intensity of some data -the already famous 1.5 the time and the virulence of the audios-, but especially for the notoriety of FortFast, a youtuber with wide following and fame beyond its video channel and close to the Podemos environment.

FortFast was the youtuber to whom Pablo Iglesias gave an interview during the last electoral campaign after he launched the proposal to all leaders with parliamentary representation - Albert Rivera, Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez , to which only the current second vice president responded- . Later, he also interviewed Gabriel Rufián and Íñigo Errejón , and it is this proximity to the populist left that has also motivated his case to be compared to that of Pablo Echenique , defender of workers' rights, but who, as is known, she did not have her personal assistant discharged from social security.

When Iglesias accepted, FortFast began to give a new air to his channel: at first it was initially a costumbrista and cartoonish space where he dedicated himself to conducting surveys among teenagers from Granada who concentrated in the large areas to talk about sex, music and other entertainment. But as a result of the interview with Iglesias, he began to drift towards a more social type of content, committed to certain struggles, in which he spoke with firefighters, nurses, and other professionals.

Hence this accusation, also, of having a double standard for denouncing the unfair situation of others while in his own company he was a tyrant, according to the version of his former employee.

After the events had precipitated, and having generated an enormous reaction, Fausto Climent considered his channel and practically his public life as dead. The reaction of the networks has been unanimous and virulent, according to the mechanics of what in the United States they call the 'cancel culture' - basically, promoting the civilian death of all kinds of characters who have transgressed any dogma of prevailing goodness, without the desire to hear reply, forgiveness or will to amend-, and in two videos published yesterday both on Twitter and YouTube FortFast wanted to give his version of events.

He did not deny that he had done wrong, he acknowledged all the facts and the audios as his own and wanted to mitigate his responsibility by saying that he had previously apologized, and privately, with his former employees -although not with Fran Rodrigo, whom he could not locate-, and that it was all because of the great pressure he had been enduring and a permanent state of anxiety.

In his second video, in addition, he expressed his desire to disappear from social networks and YouTube for a few days and suggested that he had been fantasizing about the idea of ​​suicide ("I no longer have a reason to live"), after taking half a bottle of whiskey and before he was stopped by a group of friends who had seen him in a horrible mood.

FortFast also said that he senses that this will be the end of his YouTube channel and his career as an internet communicator, outlining himself as a new victim of the horrible hole that the network has become, since events that should be resolved in court end becoming public lynchings motivated by irrational hatred or the excitement of being part of a mass with a vengeful spirit.

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