The police arrested dozens of protesters on Saturday in Utrecht and Wageningen. It is not yet clear exactly how many arrests were made. In both cities there are protests this afternoon against the corona measures, such as the mandatory 1.5 meters distance.

The police report that there are several groups in Utrecht that are out to disturb public order. "They have been addressed several times and asked to go home," said the police. "They refused this, so a total of fifteen arrests took place at various locations."

The municipality had already banned the Utrecht demonstration against the corona measures on Thursday, because the Jaarbeursplein, the place where the demonstration should have taken place, would not be large enough. As a result, the demonstrators could not keep to the 1.5 meter distance.

Nevertheless, several hundred participants came to Utrecht on Saturday. Shortly before the start of the protest against the corona measures, it was announced that the Oog and Al park had been selected as the protest location. Many agents were already in town at that time.

The demonstrators are currently walking together from Oog and Al towards the Central Station. Among other things, they chant that they want freedom. No distance is kept during the march, while currently in the Netherlands that is a condition for demonstrations because of the corona virus. The organizer of the action wants to end the protest and asks the protesters to split up.


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Demonstrators clash with Mobile Unit in Wageningen

In Wageningen, protesters gathered on the 5 May Square. Some people carried banners against the corona measures. After a while it came to a confrontation with the police.

Police report that tens of arrests have been made. "There was a group of more than two hundred people," she said. "We had information that there were many hooligans who wanted to disturb public order."

The individuals were arrested after they refused to leave. "There have been no major confrontations, but objects have been thrown at the police."

According to De Gelderlander, these would be demonstrators who originally planned to go to the prohibited demonstration in Utrecht.

Arrest of protesters in Wageningen. (Photo: Bas Robbers)