For the first time, it is a woman who will direct the city of Marseille: the ecologist Michèle Rubirola was elected, on Saturday, to succeed Jean-Claude Gaudin, making the city topple to the left. A success widely celebrated on the Old Port alongside Samia Ghali, who had to play the referees, giving Michèle Ruborila the absolute majority.


Happy outcome for the Marseille Spring: the success of the environmental candidate, Michèle Rubirola, was not a mere formality, while it is often the case during municipal elections. Samia Ghali, the PS senator from the northern districts, had to play the referees between the two last candidates in the running, Guy Tessier (LR) and Michèle Rubirola. It was ultimately the latter who was elected mayor of Marseille on Saturday, causing the city to tilt to the left. A success celebrated under a rain of applause inside and outside the hemicycle.

"I cried with emotion"

"I am relieved and happy to know that the will of the majority and of the people of Marseilles has been respected", reacted, moved, the new mayor of Marseille. "I take immense pride in representing you today in this mayor's chair, and I appreciate the weight of the responsibilities entrusted to me".

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Aged 63, this doctor, mother and environmental activist new to politics, gave herself a long walkabout in front of the town hall in a highly charged atmosphere. "I cried with emotion," she says. "A lot of emotion, and a big thank you for all the Marseillaises and Marseillais who brought us there."

Without Ghali, "Rubirola could not have done anything"

It was very close. Michèle Rubirola will have won the absolute majority after hours of negotiations and negotiations, with Samia Ghali as referee, who will ultimately only be second assistant. "I told Michèle that she could trust me," said Senator PS. "Today I bring Michèle Rubirola an absolute majority. Without that, the machine was blocked, and she could not have done anything."