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Lockdown for more than 200,000 inhabitants of Catalonia
The Catalan authorities have decided, due to a number of new sources of fire, that more than 200,000 inhabitants must go into lockdown again. This concerns the Segria region, where the number of corona infections rose from 3,551 to 3,706 in the 24 hours. 

According to Catalan President Quim Torra, the number of infections in Segria is increasing too fast. Anyone who has to temporarily leave the area for work must show a special work form.

an hour ago

Emergency order in Utrecht for anti-lockdown protest
In the city of Utrecht, an emergency order is in force because of the anti-lockdown demonstration scheduled for the afternoon. Anyone who acts as if he or she wants to protest, or, for example, wears clothes or carries something that indicates this, must leave and stay away. 

According to Lucas Bolsius, chairman of the Utrecht security region, "large groups of rioters from various backgrounds intend to travel to Utrecht to seek a violent confrontation with the police, or otherwise disturb order", the order says. . This would include "hard core supporters of a large number of football clubs" and it is "plausible that these groups will carry (punch, punch and / or stab) weapons."

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Police present on Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht, install crush barriers due to prohibited protest.
The police will be present around two pm with some twenty officers around Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht on Saturday afternoon, says reporter Lauren Heeremans.

Despite the fact that a demonstration against the corona measures is prohibited, the municipality expects that a group of people will still come to Utrecht to demonstrate. It is not known exactly how large that group is. Several thousand protesters are being talked about on social media.

A spokesman for the municipality of Utrecht said this morning to take into account "multiple scenarios".

The organizer of the demonstration asks people who want to come to Jaarbeursplein on Saturday to demonstrate peacefully. "Don't be provocative, don't be challenged and if an emergency order comes, don't get arrested; get out of the way. Listen to who's in charge," said the organizer on Facebook.

5 hours ago

Tourist attraction Sagrada Familia opens doors again
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona reopens its doors today. The tourist attraction will open in phases in the coming weeks. As of today, only healthcare workers and other rescuers fighting the coronavirus on the frontline are welcome. From July 18, residents of Barcelona are also welcome, while it has not yet been established when tourists can visit the world-famous church.

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6 hours ago

Russia is approaching 675,000 infections, record increase in India
Russia reports on Saturday that the number of infections detected has increased by 6,632 to 674,515. Only in Brazil and the United States did more residents fall ill.

India will soon pass the vast country. On Saturday, a record increase in the number of infections was reported. More than 22,000 positive tests came to light, which means that India now has more than 640,000 cases of illness.

The death toll in Russia rose by 168 to over 10,000, while India reported 448 deaths. The death toll rose to almost 19,000.

7 hours ago

Australian state of Victoria records largest increase in infections in three months
In the Australian state of Victoria, 108 infections were observed in the past 24 hours: the largest number since the end of March. The number of cases of illness, especially the region around Melbourne, has increased in recent days with a relatively large number of cases.

Partly as a result of this, a new lockdown went into effect in various suburbs and strict enforcement of quarantine measures is enforced. The biggest increase in the number of infections in three months was sufficient reason for the authorities to declare two more neighborhoods in lockdown and to quarantine nine apartment complexes.

Australia has a total of just over 8,300 infections and 104 deaths.

7 hours ago

Brazilian President approves law
mandating the wearing of face masks Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has passed a law mandating the use of mouth masks in public places. Violators of the law risk a fine. At the same time, Bolsonaro stopped a proposal that obliges residents to wear a mask in schools, shops and churches.

According to Bolsonaro, that proposal violates property rights by location, BBC News writes  Another proposal that the president puts his foot in for is the distribution of mouth masks among the poorer Brazilians. Both vetoes can be rejected by parliament if an absolute majority votes in favor. 

Bolsonaro has usually labeled the coronavirus as a 'flu' and previously seemed unimpressed with the use of mouth masks and distance measures. He also fiercely opposed city lockdowns.

11 hours ago

Seven new
corona deaths in Germany The number of people who died from the coronavirus in Germany rose by seven to 9,010 on Saturday, says the Robert Koch Institute. The country also reports 422 new infections, bringing the total number to 196,096.

12 hours ago

More than 50,000 infections in the US for the third day in a row
The United States reported at least 51,842 new infections on Friday, CNN writes based on figures from Johns Hopkins University. It is the third day in a row that the country reports more than 50,000 infections. In total, nearly 2.8 million coronavirus infections are known in the United States.

With the festivities surrounding Independence Day ahead, there is fear of a spike in the number of daily infections. Many of the major events have been canceled today, but not everywhere: President Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore continues as usual. Not only Trump supporters will be present, but also about 7,500 spectators.

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13 hours ago

6,740 new infections in Mexico
In Mexico, the number of infections with the coronavirus increased by 6,740 on Friday to 245,251. The number of deaths from the virus increased by 654 to 29,843.

Yesterday, the country reported a record increase in the number of daily reported infections: 6,741. The actual number of infections is probably much higher.

14 hours ago

Flags hang over a London street. In this way, the city wishes to thank the residents who worked on the so-called front line in the fight against the corona virus. (Photo: Pro Shots).

14 hours ago

More than 11 million infections
worldwide The number of confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide has passed 11 million, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University. Just after half past one, a total of 11,031,905 infections with the coronavirus were diagnosed.

The United States, where more than 2.7 million infections, almost a quarter of the total number, have been reported, is hard hit. Brazil follows the country with more than 1.5 million infections, and Russia also records a considerable number of infections with almost 667,000.

The number of detected infections in the Netherlands stands at more than 50,000. The total number of infections worldwide is probably much higher, because not everyone is tested for the virus.

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More than 1.5 million confirmed infections in Brazil
The number of confirmed infections in Brazil exceeded 1.5 million on Friday. The health services reported that the number of infections in the country has increased by more than 42,000 to 1,539,081. Another 1,290 Brazilians died from the effects of the virus, bringing the total death toll to 63,174.

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The main corona news of Friday 3 July


  • The number of corona patients in  intensive care has  fallen from 25 to 20. There are now 103 corona patients in other departments. That is 23 less than yesterday.
  • Health insurers compensate hospitals for lost income due to the corona crisis  .  With this scheme, 2020 should be the same year for hospitals financially as years without the corona crisis.
  • People from Twente can register  to test the Corona app . The government is investigating whether the app is able to warn people if they have been at risk of corona infection.
  • After great fuss and consultation with the government, Corendon has decided not  to offer holiday flights to Turkey from 10 July 

  • Remdesivir may be used as the first medicine  against COVID-19 in the European Union under certain conditions  . The European Commission has adopted the advice of the European medicine authorities on this.
  • The United Kingdom is easing the quarantine measure for travelers from 59 countries, including the Netherlands. This only concerns England. Restrictions on entry into Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have yet to be published.
  • An increase in the number of infections has been observed in 37 of the 50 states of the  United States  . In addition, a record increase was observed in more than nine states.

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