Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) likes orderliness and cleanliness. The matter is reflected in the extensive portrait published today in the Monthly Supplement of Helsingin Sanomat, which deals with what Sanna Marin looks like behind the scenes. According to the magazine, at the home of Marin and his wife Markus Räikkönen, “the goods are always in place, the carpets are straight and the places are jerky”.

- Sanna likes to keep things in order. When Sanna came to the village, she wondered if it would start cleaning up with us as well, Marin's study friend Ulla Tirronen tells HS.

Marin says that he also cleans at the Prime Minister's official residence in Kesäranta, Meilahti, Helsinki, even though a cleaner goes there. Marin describes that when cleaning, it is best to reach a similar flow state as when painting as a child.

- It's kind of calm for me. It allows you to focus entirely on one concrete thing, and you can see the trace of the work right away. It is for me to seek peace of mind and to exclude other things, says the Prime Minister.

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On Thursday, it was reported that Lana, 65-year-old father of Sanna Marini, died last week.

The prime minister had previously opened a Vogue magazine interview with his father.

- If you ask me if I feel like I have a father, I'd say I don't. I haven’t grown up with him, so I would say I don’t have a father, Marin told Vogue.

Marin has said that he has met his father only once in the last 30 years. Marin grew up with her mother and this new partner in a rainbow family.

Marin has previously told Ilta-Sanomat that fatherlessness left no special mark on him.

- I have had a good childhood, youth and life. A warm and loving family. I have not left any sense of incompetence in this regard.

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