A group of protesters came into confrontation with the Mobile Unit (ME) on Saturday 5 May Square in Wageningen. Some people carried banners against the corona measures. The police report that several arrests have been made.

The police could not confirm that they were also demonstrators, but that "signals have been received that a group of people are out to disturb public order".

The people are requested to leave, the police say to NU.nl. It is unclear what exactly the group wants.

According to De Gelderlander, these would be demonstrators who originally planned to go to the prohibited demonstration in Utrecht. It would be about 500 protesters.

The newspaper reports that the ME had to use the baton to sweep the square.


We thought we would enjoy a day of #Wageningen

AvatarAvatar Author Spinjoh Time of places 14: 08 - 4 July 2020