A fire has been raging on a cargo ship in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam since 4 p.m. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region reports that the smoke from the fire is moving towards Charlois and the center.

"The ship carries metal scrap that is on fire," said a spokesman for the safety region. "The hatches are currently closed to limit smoke nuisance and the fire brigade is investigating the extinguishing possibilities."

One person was checked by ambulance personnel for smoke inhalation. Due to the smoke development, an NL-Alert was sent out on Saturday afternoon. People in the spacious area were advised to close windows and turn off the mechanical ventilation.

Another NL-Alert was sent at 9 pm. It said that it would probably take hours before the fire was extinguished. It also states that the smoke from the fire spreads towards the Charlois district and the city center.

Waalhaven Rotterdam - In the message, we ask everyone who is bothered by the smoke (or the stench) to close windows and doors and possibly switch off ventilation systems. The emergency services are doing their utmost to limit the inconvenience. https://t.co/Ft0XhlMzOB

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