Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro vetoed a mask requirement in closed rooms such as churches, shops or schools. Bolsonaro approved a law on wearing protective masks in public, but vetoed clauses. This emerges from a publication of the "Diário Oficial".

The presidential palace said that the phrase "more closed places where people gather" could lead to violations of the law. For Bolsonaro, there is a possibility that someone without a mask could be fined in his own home. That is why he blocked entire clauses, because not only one wording can be deleted. Congress now has 30 days to review, follow, or vote against Bolsonaro's appeals.

Since Bolsonaro had shown himself without a mask on various occasions in the past and thus triggered crowds of people, a court imposed a mask requirement for the president in public spaces, transport and shops in the capital district of Brasília. This was preceded by a civil suit brought by a lawyer from the capital. Because according to a decree of the governor Ibaneis Rocha, wearing masks during the corona pandemic is mandatory. 

In Brazil, more than 1.5 million people have been infected with the corona virus. 63,174 were killed. Mexico has the second most coronavirus deaths in the world. Only in the United States are there more deaths. Until now, Bolsonaro had downplayed the coronavirus as "little flu", causing confusion among the population. He did not want to take measures to contain them.