On Friday, the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court sentenced two men to life imprisonment for the murder of Lohja Virkkala. According to the court, the men committed torture-like violence against the victim, a man born in 1995.

A third man was also charged in the case, but his murder charge was dismissed by the court.

The bloodshed took place in mid-February at the victim's home. One of the men convicted of the murder was a friend of the victim and he got the key from which the trio went inside the apartment.

The accused went inside with the hoods of their jackets on their heads and rubber gloves on their hands. The court held that the purpose of the trio was originally at least to steal some property from the apartment, but not to inflict serious violence on the victim or kill him. According to the court, a common understanding and intent to kill the victim later arose between the two convicted men.

According to the court, the convicts killed the victim in a particularly brutal and cruel manner.

- The violence was torturous and otherwise completely disregarding the victim's feelings; .

More than 70 blade strokes

The convicts first sprayed the victim with gas and then beat him with fists, a hammer, a bread knife, an ax, a jungle knife, a knife and a screwdriver across the body, especially in the head area. In all, the victim was hit with a blade gun more than 70 times, the verdict shows.

According to the court, the convicts continued the violence even after the victim had already died. The victim's wrists had been incised and his teeth removed.

The third man was in the apartment at the time of the incident, but by law he did not appear to have been involved in the violence.

Jere Kasperi Paldanius, 18, was convicted of murder and Olli Matias Tuovinen, 25, of murder and, among other things, two drug offenses and a firearms offense. In addition, they were sentenced to jointly pay the victim's parents and sister damages of 20,000 euros.

Another convicted person just turned 18

Paldanius had turned 18 just four months before the bloodshed. However, according to the court, there were no grounds for him to commute the sentence on the basis of age.

The court notes that Paldanius had committed, among other things, aggravated assault in December before his assassination in February, for which he was sentenced in March to 2.5 years in prison. Paldanius committed the murder just six days after he was released from pre-trial detention for his previous crimes.

Accordingly, the court held that the commission of the murder was not a one-off and therefore serious error due to the thoughtlessness of the youth.

The case was decided by a panel of three judges. One of the judges would also have sentenced a third man to murder for life.