Turkish fireworks factory explodes 2 dead, more than 70 people injured 23:25 on July 3

A fireworks factory in Turkey exploded and a fire broke out, killing two people and injuring more than 70 people. I'm out.

A fire broke out on the 3rd in a fireworks factory in Sakarya Province in northwestern Turkey. According to the Turkish government's announcement, it has been confirmed that two people have died and 74 have been injured so far.

The local governor also said that about 100 people may still be left behind on the scene, according to the people involved in the factory.

Video from the site shows black smoke rising from the factory and intermittent explosions.

Since it is difficult to approach the site due to the explosion, we are in a hurry to check if there are any people left behind such as fire fighters.

Local media also reported that the factory had 110 tons of fireworks stored.

After the explosion, three ministers, including Mr. Soil, are heading to the scene.