Many people have, since the pandemic broke out, contacted the region of Skåne and asked when they should be able to get a test kit for covid-19.

- We are happy to announce that we are now on self-testing for covid-19. Our common goal is to reduce the spread of infection in Skåne and we know that there is a great interest among residents to be able to take responsibility and test themselves when there are symptoms, says Health and Medical Director Pia Lundbom.

Must get our agent

Until now, it has been possible to pick up and submit self-tests at a regular pharmacy, but now you can instead order to a representative, such as the nearest grocery store, and test at home. It takes between 1-3 days to get the test answer and you get that answer at If this proves positive, you will be called by the region of Skåne for more information.

Applies only to Scania

Only people who are registered in Skåne can order a self-test. But so far, the capacity for self-testing is limited. However, it will be expanded as well.

Both Swedish and foreign tourists are referred to 1177 if they show symptoms of covid-19.